Massachusetts State Police Seeking Help to Reunite Dog with Owner

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5.8.16 - Lost3

The Massachusetts state police has found and rescued a dog they have rescued, that was reported to be loose in the Worcester area.  The police department are now asking for help in locating the dog’s owners, so they can be reunited.

The dog was being reported by motorists on the I-290 highway as weaving in and out of traffic and scared.  Some of the motorists were even trying to get to the dog, to keep anyone from hitting her or worse.  Try as they may, they just couldn’t grab her, and by the time the police showed up, she was long gone.

Early this morning, someone that had set out a live trap noticed that they actually had something.  There was the dog that was running around on the I-290, finally safe and sound.  For now, the dog is being held at Worcester Animal Control.  Staff there is hoping to reunite her with her humans as soon as possible.

If you know who she is, to what family she belongs to, you are asked to call animal control at 508-799-1211.

5.8.16 - Lost2

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts State Police Seeking Help to Reunite Dog with Owner”

  1. I would think that there is a good possibility that the owners will notice that their dog is missing. After that fact is known to them, it would make sense for them to contact the shelters and nearby vets as well as the police ( local and state ). Problem solved. By the way, I would hope that the authorities, checked for a ‘chip’.

    • When humans are involved in car accidents and their furry family member escapes–the humans may be frantic, injured or worse….dead. So, while your comment seems spot on….one fact remains, a dog is separated from her family and MASPD want to help get her back to the family.


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