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Microchip Helps Reunited Dog Lost in 2007 Wildfires

by Katherine

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In 2007, the Hartmans lived in San Diego with their black Labrador Buddy, but a devastating wildfire forced them out of their home and unfortunately, they lost their home in the blaze.

The family temporarily moved with other family members and during their stay, their dog Buddy jumped a fence and got lost. The mischievous pet was found and reunited with his family, but then the dog ran away for a second time and this time he was lost for good.

Buddy reunited with his family.
Buddy reunited with his family.

The Hartmans looked for their beloved pet, but after months of coming up empty, they simply gave up on ever finding their dog.

The pet owners decided to move forward with their lives and they moved to Oklahoma. Yet, this April, six years after losing their home and pet, the family returned to San Diego for a visit and on their arrival they received an unexpected phone call.

Thanks to the microchip they had implanted on Buddy years ago, Animal Services contacted the Hartmans to let them know they had picked up their now ten-year-old Labrador from Sherman Heights.

The dog owners could not believe that after so many years Buddy was alive and well.

It is unknown where and how Buddy spent all this time, but one thing is for sure, whoever had him took very good care of him. The canine is now older – he proudly wears a bit of white hair – whoever had him fed him very well and made sure he stayed healthy.

The Hartmans are happy to be reunited once again with their dog. They are grateful that a reunion was made possible – even if it took six years – but thanks to their dog’s microchip Buddy is finally back with the family that loves him.