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Microchip Reunites Family with Missing Dog Found 1,000 Miles from Home


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jasmineIt has been two months since a North Dakota family has seen their dog Jasmine.  Last night they were finally reunited after Jasmine was found over 1,000 miles from home.

A few weeks ago Willy Fields was driving when he spotted Jasmine wandering along the road.

“I just stopped and opened the van door, and she came right up to me and jumped in the van,” said Fields. “She’s a sweet dog.”

Fields is the kennel master at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He took Jasmine back to the kennel. Although Jasmine was microchipped when Fields scanned her it didn’t show up.

“My scanner didn’t pick up the chip for some reason so we made arrangements to get her into the vet to get her checked and set up to be spayed, so we could work on getting her adopted,” said Fields.

Luckily the veterinarian found the microchip during a chest X-ray. That’s when it was discovered Jasmine’s family was over 1,000 miles away in North Dakota.

Justine Bohn and her family had been missing Jasmine for two months. She believes someone stole Jasmine and that is how the dog ended up all the way in Oklahoma.

On Tuesday, Jasmine boarded a plane back to North Dakota where she was reunited with Bohn late Tuesday night.

“It feels wonderful to get her back home to her family,” said Fields. “There’s too many dogs out there that don’t make it home. If she hadn’t had the microchip in her, she’d never make it back home.”