Microsoft Engineer Invents Robotic Petsitter

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Microsoft engineer Jordan Correa has invented a robot to keep his dog company while he and his wife are at work.

Named DarwinBot (after his dog, Darwin), Correa controls his ‘remote petsitter’ via the internet using Xbox controllers and onboard cameras to guide him.  DarwinBot can throw a ball, and even dispense dog treats. Correa can even talk to his dog by signing into Skype.

Correa believes that Darwinbot keeps Darwin from getting bored or lonely during the day while he’s at work. As clever as his invention may be, we can’t help but think that another dog would have been an easier – and much more natural option.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Engineer Invents Robotic Petsitter”

  1. “we can’t help but think that another dog would have been an easier – and much more natural option”

    No another dog would help him in his boredom and help him do bad things that dogs do when they are bored. At least the robot sitter will keep him out of trouble.

  2. Not bad. It’ll have to come a lot further before it would make my girl happy, though. Like it would have to smell like me, look like me, and be able to scritch that spot behind her ear just so. Yeah, there are some dogs for which a robot sitter just won’t be able to cut it. Luckily, the longest she has to be alone is about 5 hrs during the day.

    Oh, and I agree with Julie above also, getting another dog doesn’t solve everything, either.

  3. My dog would see this moving contraption as a toy, and proceed to jump and crush all its expensive innards, while my mom’s dog ripped it apart for the food, lol…

    Definitely cool looking, and glad it works for him (though, shouldn’t he be working at work, not using his robot to play with his dog?). I feel that all that money and effort could’ve been put into a dog walker/sitter, rather than a dogbot, but that’s just me.


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