Miss Maggie Moose was abandoned by her mother, but Leo made sure she wasn’t alone.

by Amy Drew

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The Lugdon family of Wallagrass, ME, had a surprise visitor last week, one who bonded quite well with their dog, Leo.

Shannon Lugdon operates Lugdon Lodge, an adventure camp, and spotted a moose calf on her property. She named the little female Maggie, but was advised by wardens to leave her alone for 24 hours, as sometimes mother moose will wander and return to her offspring.

Alas, mom never came back.

The next morning, Lugdon went looking for Maggie and her dog, Leo, found her quickly.

“I let Leo out to do his business and he walked right over and Miss Maggie and Leo became fast friends,” Lugdon wrote in a Facebook post. “You can’t imagine how affectionate she was.”

Baby Maggie was eventually picked up by a biologist and taken to the Maine Wildlife Park, but not before enjoying a “milkshake” (a veterinarian told Lugdon to feed her some Lactaid) and snuggle time with Leo and the rest of the Lugdon family.