Missing Dog Returned to Rightful Family After Microchip Settles Dispute

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A Portsmouth NH family was reunited with their Boston terrier after six months, and a woman was arrested after the rightful owner saw a man walking the dog near her home.

Natasha Curtis was at a Dunkin Donuts last week when she spotted a man she didn’t know walking a Boston terrier she immediately recognized as her missing 8 year old dog Mickey.

Mickey had been gone without a trace since accidentally being let out of the house by Natasha’s 5 year old son. The family reported Mickey as missing and put up signs as part of their search effort, but got no word on their vanished pet.

Upon seeing her long-missing dog, “I yelled out his name and Mickey was pulling the guy, and I ran around the fence and the dog just kept on wanting to come to me,” Curtis said. “I knew it was my dog.”

The man called his wife, Alice Giordano, to the scene and police were called when the discussion turned into an argument.

After reading Mickey’s microchip, which was registered to Curtis family, police returned him to them.

Alice Giordano was arrested for receiving stolen property after it was determined that she had found Mickey and kept him without trying to find his family, and then refused to return him when they tried to reclaim him.

“There was nothing to indicate she made any good-faith effort at all to try to do anything to try to locate the owner,” said Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn of the Portsmouth Police Department.

In the WMUR Channel 9 news report below, Mickey appears to be very happy to be back at home again with his family.

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  1. Another happy ending thanks to a microchip! The person who found him SHOULD have made an attempt to find the rightful owner by posting a “found” sign either in the paper, online, or around town. The owners have no idea how lucky they are that he wasn’t stolen to be used as a bait dog for fighting! I hope they’ve stepped up their skills in protecting their dog, by at the very LEAST, educating their 5 year old who let the dog loose in the first place, & by providing better parental supervision over their child AND their dog. Accidents happen, but this clearly could have been prevented.

  2. I totally agree with your comments, I am so sick of seeing lost dog lost dog – when it could have been prevented. Accidents happen but people step your game up. Dog baiting and dogs being sold on craigs list. Do these people live in a bubble? It is so upsetting to me, I would die if my dog went missing – so sad – all the strays being dumped and people not paying attention and dogs abused. It really kills me.

  3. What a disgusting woman! What a miracle that she was there at the exact moment the douche bag’s husband was walking Mickey.

    Accidents happen – it doesn’t mean they are irresponsible dog parents! They had the dog microchipped for goodness sake!

    My dog got out once and thank God he had tags on and I was called immediately.



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