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Missing service dog found and reunited with owner


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Last week Lucy, a black lab, jumped from her owner’s truck and disappeared. Lucy is more than just a pet to her owner Shane Wilson, she’s his service dog. He was devastated when she went missing. Now a week later the two have been reunited.

Lucy had been a gift to Wilson from his daughter Ashley after Wilson lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. “He was very lonely at the time and just struggling with his disability and having a prosthetic leg, so I told my husband, ‘we need to do something.’ So the best thing I could think of was to get him a dog because it’s a companion that can be with him all the time to share his sorrows and is joys as well,” said Ashley. Lucy is a big help for Wilson, helping him get up if he falls down and opening doors for him if his hands are full.  Both Wilson and his daughter Ashley have been frantically searching for Lucy ever since she jumped out of his truck last week.

Becky Davis and Tiffany Scoggins were stopped for breakfast when they noticed something. “It was raining hard and I was like, ‘That’s a dog out there by the interstate. I have to get that dog out of the rain and in a safe place,” said Davis. The two women walked along the side of the interstate off ramp to get to a cold and confused Lucy. When Lucy saw them she came towards them right away wagging her tail.

Davis and Scoggins realized immediately that Lucy belonged to someone by how well trained she was. “We knew she was special and a smart dog,” said Scoggins. The two women took Lucy to a veterinarian, who luckily knew about a missing service dog.

The vet called Shane Wilson who was elated by the news, “You don’t know. I’m very, very happy — happiest man in the world right now, “said Wilson. When Wilson and Lucy were finally reunited Lucy ran and leapt into Wilson’s arms. Wilson offered Davis and Scoggins a $500 reward but the two women refused saying getting Lucy back to her owner was reward enough for them.