President of Animal Rescue Charged with 120 Counts of Animal Neglect

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In what the Oregon Humane Society is calling the largest animal neglect case they have ever had 149 dogs and two cats in deplorable conditions, starving and suffering from neglect, were seized on Sunday night. The president of Willamette Valley Animal Rescue, 24-year-old Alicia Inglish, was arrested and charged with 120 counts of second-degree animal neglect and one count of tampering with evidence.

When police raided the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue on Sunday what they saw was the opposite of what one expects from an animal shelter.  Police found 149 dogs in awful conditions. Some dog’s eyes were sealed shut with bodily fluid and as many as five dogs were crammed into a kennel fit for one.  Many of the dogs had open sores. None of the dogs had access to food and what water they did have access to was dirty.

“This is so far and away from the perception of warmth and caring people expect in an animal shelter,” said executive director of the Oregon Humane Society, Sharon Harmon. “I saw one animal stuffed into a cage that was so small he was unable to lie down, sit or stand up,” said Oregon Humane Society veterinarian Kris Otterman. “He had no food or water in his cage, and I’m not sure how long he’d been left in that condition.”

Many of the dogs were starving, some so severe that they will need to be put on “refeeding programs”  to re-introduce small amounts of food that is easy for them to digest. “Those dogs were shut down,” said Harmon. “They don’t show interest in food.”

A team of 21 deputies and volunteers from Oregon Humane Society and Willamette Humane Society worked through Sunday night to care for the seized animals. The dogs were taken to three different shelters. The Oregon Humane Society took in 110 of the dogs. In doing so the Oregon Humane Society is now at double its capacity for dogs. They are asking the public for help minimize the crowded conditions. They currently have 80 dogs available for adoption and are reducing the adoption fee of all dogs one year and older to $50 through January 18th.

The dogs from the raid are being held as evidence and are not available or adoption at this point. In addition whether all the dogs can be rehabilitated or adoption is still unknown. The Oregon Humane Society hopes to get the dogs healthy and into good homes as soon as the legal system will allow.

Sheriff’s officials said they had tried to work with Inglish to address issues with the rescue after receiving complaints previously but were again and again met with no cooperation from Inglish and the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue. The Oregon Humane Society also tried to help and inspect the facility but also faced lack of cooperation when they were turned away.

Inglish is currently being held at the Marion County Jail on $300,000 bail. Sheriff’s officials are expecting to make additional arrests in this case.

16 thoughts on “President of Animal Rescue Charged with 120 Counts of Animal Neglect”

  1. I’m so upset…I want to volunteer to save the animals, my application is in, and now I see a rescue outfit doing this??? What the hell??? I hope this story has a happy ending..prayers for the dogs..and the humans…thankyou for rescuing these guys…<3

  2. Lord, Bless these Abused Shelter Animals and let them be Adopted into Humane Humans Homes.Thank You to the folks who pulled the dogs from this Hell Hole.What a sad tragic horror these dogs must have had, and who knows what their life was like before they wound up here.I certainly hope the President of the Animal Rescue( ? )…..winds up in a CAGE too.

  3. Alicia Inglish needs to be locked up and hopefully she will burn in hell.It’s horrible enough news to read about abused animals, but when a “rescue” is as bad, if not worse, it’s an abomination. This piece of trash was offered help from the sheriff’s office and not only did she refuse the help, but she wouldn’t even cooperate. Lord help these poor dogs (and 2 cats) be rehabilitated so they can go to loving homes.

  4. I’d like to know why Oregon Humane KNOWING there were issues allowed it to continue. The 24 yr old “founder” refused to cooperate and they just let that be for how long?

    • Im from Oregon Kate, and this is the FIRST Ive heard about this. I agree 100% that officials needed to be pro-active in this situation. I was involved with helping some abused dogs and although prosecution officials were involved NOTHING happened to the offender. I find Oregon to be very despicable in their lack of follow up/ follow through involving animal abuse. Shame on us 🙁

  5. This is disgusting. Wtf is wrong with mankind. the kind of ppl that exist today are nt humans but monsters who will rot in hell for this kind of abuse. I hate seeing stuff like this. Poor angels may god b with u n heal u. B healthy poor babies. N eat as much as u cn from these kind ppl who rescued u. i love dogs more than ppl n wud risk my life to save them.

  6. Inexcusable!!! How could this person call herself a rescuer? She was hoarding and abusing, plain and simple. I hope they can help these poor dogs, and they find caring homes.


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