Missouri Politician and Candidate Directly Benefits from Family Puppy Mill

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Puppy Mill

If you live in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District you have a candidate with a really big blood stain on his record running in the June 8th election. Jason Smith, currently the Majority whip in the Missouri House of Representatives and running for Congress in the upcoming election, is closely connected to one of Missouri’s worst puppy mills.  According to the March 2011 report from the Humane Society of the United States, “Update Report: Missouri’s Dirty Dozen Most of the worst puppy mills in Missouri are still licensed”, Smith Kennels of Salem, Missouri is one of the worst. And it’s no coincidence that the name of the kennel and the candidate are both “Smith.”  Jason Smith is the son of Mary Ann Smith, the owner of Smith Kennels.

According to the HSUS report,” Smith’s Kennel has a history of repeat USDA violations stretching back more than a decade, including citations for unsanitary conditions; dogs exposed to below-freezing temperatures or excessive heat without adequate shelter from the weather; dogs without enough cage space to turn and move around freely; pest and rodent infestations; injured and bleeding dogs, dogs with loose, bloody stools who had not been treated by a vet, and much more.”

Jason Smith is not innocent here. He has been actively involved with the kennel in the recent past and has used his influence as a member of the party currently in control of the Missouri legislature to protect his mother’s business.  “Mary Ann Smith’s son, now Republican Majority Whip Representative Jason Smith, was once listed in state records as a co-owner of her kennel and has been an outspoken opponent of Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act (passed by the voters in 2010 but negated by pro-puppy mill forces within Missouri government) and other animal welfare bills.”

So for everyone across North America who wondered how the puppy mills were able to do an “end run” around Missouri Proposition B which would have cured some of the worst abuses against dogs in puppy mills the answer is that the puppy mills have people like Jason Smith on the inside working against the will of Missourians to rein in the mills.

20 thoughts on “Missouri Politician and Candidate Directly Benefits from Family Puppy Mill”

  1. Politicians can’t be trusted, their interest is not for the people but for theirselves. Puppy mills are cruel and inhuman and anyone who can’t see that is sick. They sell sick pups. Mills should all be stopped.

  2. I am from Missouri and this is shameful, I will try to post contact information for Congressman Smith’s office and his fellow congressmen to exert a little pressure on the GOP of Missouri. All puppy mills should be closed, enough good dogs are being killed everyday we do not need a commercial market for them.

    • I am not from Missouri but realize this has to be stopped . MO is one of the largest offenders of puppy mill production and cruelty

  3. I agree with you Howard Allen. That should be done to all puppy mill owners. Then they would all feel the torture they put animals through.

  4. it looks like Missouri residents will get to vote on it next year. does anyone know what universities/newspapers are in that area? i want to post to on voters’ FB pages so those in Missouri know why it has been put forward

    • Natashs – here is the area:

      The district stretches from as far south as the Bootheel north to the St. Louis exurbs of Farmington and surrounding areas in the Lead Belt and as far east as the counties along the Mississippi River to as far west along the Ozark Plateau near Branson.

      The district is anchored in Cape Girardeau.

      The Universities would be Columbia University –
      University of Missouri – WHERE THE VET SCHOOL IS LOCATED!
      Missouri State University

      I know I AM writing to them as well as with this douchebag. Also posting on FB as everyone should

      I live in Missouri and I knew that Missouri is known for being the WORST state for puppy mills but I had no idea that a politician was tied to this.


  5. Come on Missouri. This idiot can’t be voted for in this special election. Sad thing is, the people down here in S.E. Missouri will vote for him. They only vote republican no matter who runs. But, you have to consider the 8th district is the poorest district in the U.S. and that’s only because they don’t have the smarts to understand what their party is doing to them. Keep them dumb and uneducated.


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