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Mojo: Dog With Spinal Injury Gets New Lease on Life With Wheels


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The vet offered to euthanize Julie Fletcher’s Chihuahua and Jack Russell cross Mojo after a freak injury from jumping off a bed left him paralyzed and in pain last year, but the Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK resident couldn’t bear to let the dog go if there way a way to help him to live a a pain free life. After a successful surgery, and with the help of a wheeled cart, Mojo is a happy, active dog once more.

Mojo was away on holiday in Cornwall with Julie’s adult son Kevin Fletcher last September when he tried to jump up to greet Kevin and landed on a hard wood floor. He didn’t seem himself upon his return home, and he had difficulty walking. Two days later, Julie awoke to find Mojo crying out in pain and rushed him to the vet, where it was discovered that a disc had become embedded in his spine. After Julie said she wanted to try to help Mojo instead of having him put down, or as she said, “no way, he’s part of our family”, the vet performed surgery to remove the displaced disc that was causing the pain.

After surgery, Julie searched online for a cart to regain her partially paralyzed little dog’s mobility. As you can see in the video below, Mojo is happy and active again now that he has his wheels, and has become a familiar sight wheeling himself about town.

Julie said, “People are always coming up and asking about him,” and  “He still plays with his toys and he is a very happy dog.”