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Stray Mom Dog and Her Nine Puppies Need Help Off the Streets

by Katherine

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In Dallas, Texas, Duck Team 6 is trying to rescue a mom dog and her nine puppies currently living on the streets, but in order for this rescue to happen foster homes are needed.

According to a video posted on YouTube, a local woman named Francine contacted Duck Team 6 about a mom dog and 4 puppies living on the streets near her house. When the organization arrived to feed the dogs, they only found the mom.

Volunteers searched the area but didn’t find the dogs. Meanwhile the adult dog took off and when she resurfaced from the bushes, rescuers found her babies. To their surprise, the black, gentle mom dog was not the mother to the original four puppies the team went to see. Instead she had given birth to nine pups in need of immediate rescue.



Duck Team 6 fed the family but weren’t able to take them off the streets. The organization is urging the community to step up and foster in order to help save them. Without foster homes, they cannot rescue the dogs from the streets.

The mom dog is very skinny and like her babies, she is infested with fleas. All dogs will require medical attention but the priority right now is to get this family into a safe place where the puppies can grow. When they are ready to be weaned away from mom, they will be placed for adoption.

“Ideally a person can take the momma and her puppies for one or two more weeks and then we could split up the little puppies into groups of three,” said Duck Team 6.

If you would like to foster, or if you know of any register animal rescue willing to take in the family, please contact [email protected]. Duck Team 6 will sponsor $50/per puppy (and mom) towards vetting.

For more information and to donate to help this family and many other street animals, visit