Stray Mom Dog and Her Nine Puppies Need Help Off the Streets

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In Dallas, Texas, Duck Team 6 is trying to rescue a mom dog and her nine puppies currently living on the streets, but in order for this rescue to happen foster homes are needed.

According to a video posted on YouTube, a local woman named Francine contacted Duck Team 6 about a mom dog and 4 puppies living on the streets near her house. When the organization arrived to feed the dogs, they only found the mom.

Volunteers searched the area but didn’t find the dogs. Meanwhile the adult dog took off and when she resurfaced from the bushes, rescuers found her babies. To their surprise, the black, gentle mom dog was not the mother to the original four puppies the team went to see. Instead she had given birth to nine pups in need of immediate rescue.



Duck Team 6 fed the family but weren’t able to take them off the streets. The organization is urging the community to step up and foster in order to help save them. Without foster homes, they cannot rescue the dogs from the streets.

The mom dog is very skinny and like her babies, she is infested with fleas. All dogs will require medical attention but the priority right now is to get this family into a safe place where the puppies can grow. When they are ready to be weaned away from mom, they will be placed for adoption.

“Ideally a person can take the momma and her puppies for one or two more weeks and then we could split up the little puppies into groups of three,” said Duck Team 6.

If you would like to foster, or if you know of any register animal rescue willing to take in the family, please contact [email protected] Duck Team 6 will sponsor $50/per puppy (and mom) towards vetting.

For more information and to donate to help this family and many other street animals, visit

10 thoughts on “Stray Mom Dog and Her Nine Puppies Need Help Off the Streets”

  1. I don’t understand it either; these dogs could be gone: either killed, or have moved on, by the time it will take to get foster homes for all of them… there no dog rescue group that will take them on at least a short term basis?

    • Rescues CAN’T take them, they have no where to put them! You can’t put a litter of newborns in boarding!

  2. Why would they leave them to fend for themselves….take that off the street and then look for a rescue. Like the person stated in the above comment they by the time they are rescued they could get killed and or the puppies die from flea bites and or some other diseases. Someone in the community is the reason why the momma dog is a stray and not spayed……they don’t care.

  3. I’m sorry, I must have missed it in y’all’s comments where you offered to help. Are you willing to open your homes to some stray pups? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but most people actively involved in rescue realize how hard it is to find foster homes and even temporary refuge for dogs in need. It’s easy to say “someone should help” or “someone should do something” or to sit back and criticize a rescue group you obviously don’t understand. The minute people stand up for the dogs by doing something instead of sitting behind their computers and just saying something is when things will actually come together.

  4. If every person that has done NOTHING but bad mouth this amazing group of VOLUNTEERS would step up and donate their TIME, HOME, and MONEY, then perhaps these dogs could be rescued. Unless YOU are willing to STEP UP, you have no right to say anything bad about Duck Team 6.

  5. Duck Team 6 moves mountains. Those who criticize need to ask themselves if they are doing anything more than commenting from behind their screens. Are you volunteering at a shelter? Are you a foster home? Do you donate to rescue groups? I’m going to guess no because those who do see how crowded our shelters are and how underfunded they are. Our city shelter (Dallas Animal Services) runs on a meager budget that has been threatened to be slashed. It’s not like we have people lining up to adopt these dogs or fund their rescue. There is no magic farm for all of the unwanted to go to. It takes a village so step up or shut up.

  6. I follow Duck Team 6 and their rescue efforts.. they do great things to get the dogs off the streets.. Those of you questioning why they left the dogs there? Can you take them in? This is all strictly volunteer efforts. I don’t have a place for a mama dog and a bunch of puppies and my landlord would kick me out if I brought them home… They need foster homes. I support my local rescues thru donations for vet care, food donations, sharing for fosters or adopters and helpng transport to other rescues when I can. Until you’re willing to step up and help in whatever way possible – even small ways – you have no right to criticize another’s efforts to help these animals.

  7. How dare you say bad things about Duck Team 6! Rescues are crazy overcrowded right now. These are VOLUNTEERS, working to save them from certain DEATH, they would face at DAS.

    Puppies are a huge commitment for rescues, they require a ton of time, food, and money that rescues simply can’t take on if the animals have no where to go.

    You know how many dogs are on the streets of Dallas? Hundreds!

    Many you should do something, instead of complaining someone else isn’t doing something!


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