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Mother Dog Buries Her Nine Puppies to Save Them from Forest Fire

by Katherine

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A stray dog from Valparaiso, Chile, acted on instinct over the weekend when she faced death, as she and her nine puppies were trapped in a forest fire. The smart and heroic dog buried her puppies to protect them from the flames, then she ran away and took cover as well. All ten dogs were found alive and well and they have been rescued by a local animal organization.

As firefighters fought the flames, local residents informed them they had seen a mother dog moving her week-old-puppies and possibly burying them to protect them from the fire. The rescue men took off in search of the dogs and soon found a hole dug near a large metal storage container. Inside the hole were nine healthy puppies awaiting rescue.


Rescuers digging out the puppies
Rescuers digging out the puppies


Immediately, the firemen started to dig out puppies and transport them to safer place. They searched for the mom, too, and found her taking cover inside a burned down home not too far away from her puppies.


Volunteers from the animal rescue group helping the puppies.
Volunteers receiving the rescue pups.


The heroic mom has been named Negrita (Blacky), and she and her puppies are now with an animal organization. Local residents have come forward with donations for the dog family and many area residents have expressed their interest in adopting the puppies as well as the mom.