The Stig REALLY Loves Laundry

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Most dogs get really excited when they hear that special word – “treat,” “walk,” “ride,” etc.  But “laundry?”  Stig is quite a special dog…



15 thoughts on “The Stig REALLY Loves Laundry”

  1. My dog LOVES to help with laundry! As soon as she hears the word or sees the basket, she gets excited. But, I can’t leave the whites in the basket where she can reach it while I throw the darks in the machine. In two minutes, they’ll be on the floor and she’s happily rolling around in the pile. On a side note… I have to keep the bathroom door closed or she’ll steal my washcloth and take it to her bed.

  2. too cute! Ya know, I think he is calling his pup, Diggy. :-/ Sounds totally like..”good dog, Diggy” !


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