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Mom Dog Gets Hit by Car Leaving Eight Orphan Puppies

by Katherine

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Nothing is more traumatic for a stray dog than getting hit by car and being left in the middle of the road to die hurt and alone. For a Chesterfield County, South Carolina, female dog, being hit by a car and left injured wasn’t the worse. Her injuries were fatal, but the worst part of her final days was knowing she would be leaving behind eight puppies, five boys and three girls.

The dog was named Emma, and South Carolina Rescue Services placed an online plea on Nov. 7, 2013, asking any state certified rescues to help save her and her eight babies.

Emma and he babies. Photo Credit: Abby's Animal Angels
Emma and he babies. Photo Credit: Abby’s Animal Angels

Emma was run over and left with a broken hip and pelvis, but no matter how much pain and agony she was in, she was determined to protect her eight, 1-week-old puppies.

Sadly, Emma and her babies ended up at the shelter, and South Carolina Rescue Services hoped someone would come forward to save them all.

Abby’s Animal Angels answered the plea and took in all nine dogs. They set up a Go Fund Me page and hoped to collect $1,400 in donations to help cover the dogs’ medical bills.

Jennifer Stacy Remeta, founder and president of Abby’s Animal Angels, and her team of rescue volunteers and staff wanted to help Emma. Due to the accident, Emma was unable to move on her own. Volunteers organized shifts to offer Emma round the clock care. They helped Emma nurse her puppies, made sure the mom dog was comfortable, cleaned her after she soiled herself and even bottle fed the puppies when Emma couldn’t nurse them.

Unfortunately on Nov. 9, 2013, after visiting three different veterinarians, Abby’s Animal Angels had to make the tough decision to put Emma to sleep.

The following is an excerpt from their Facebook post:

“Emma had an owner. She belonged to someone. Then she had puppies, 8 beautiful babies who were the center of her universe. But her owner couldn’t be bothered to make sure she was kept inside, or even in a pen, and Emma was hit by a car. She was hit so hard her pelvis and back end were literally crushed. Her nerves were destroyed, and even though we tried 3 different vets, we finally had to agree that the most humane choice for Emma was to let her pass peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge.”

The puppies are all under the rescue’s care. They were named Eastwood, Elvis, Elton, Elmo, Elliot, Eden, Emmi, and Ella.

The Go Fun Me page is till open and so far over $1,500 have been collected. Abby’s Animal Angels plans to continue taking care of Emma’s babies and place them up for adoption once they are healthy and old enough to go to their forever homes.

If you would like to donate to help the Emma’s orphans, you can do so via paypal to [email protected], or directly through the Go Fun Me page.