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Implant Contraceptives for Northern Canada Dogs

by Katherine

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We’ve heard how many times different cities and rescue groups try to organize and sponsor spay and neuter mobile clinics, but many times not enough funds are collected to cover the high costs of spay and neuter programs. So what is a community to do when there are hundreds of stray dogs roaming the streets and the overpopulation of unwanted and abandoned dogs keeps increasing? For Canada’s northern Manitoba community the solution is contraceptive implants.

The Winnipeg-based organization, Norway House Animal Rescue, is collecting funds to send a veterinarian and a vet technician to the Manitoba reserve on March 2014.

Photo Credit: Norway House Animal Rescue
Photo Credit: Norway House Animal Rescue

The program will cost approximately $10,000, but it will benefit 150 dogs. By implanting the contraceptive, Manitoba will be able to control the increasing population of stray dogs in the community.

“Spaying a dog costs $300, but the implant costs $80,” Debra Vandekerkhove, director of the Norway House Animal Rescue, told Global News Canada.

Using the implant is a lot more cost-effective. Spay and neuter clinics are expensive and many of these isolated communities don’t even have a community vet. Using implants require less use of expensive medical equipment and veterinarians can be flown in to administer the treatment.

Vandekerkhove has been working with the Manitoba community to help control the pet over-population fro quite some time. She learned about the implant on the internet and flew to Alberta to learn more about the alternative treatment.

“It takes 60 seconds to implant the chip and it lasts 22 to 24 months,” said Vendekerkhove.

All dogs receiving the implant will also be vaccinated and dewormed.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and contributing to the cause, you can find more information at