Moosie gets a Water Workout with New Jersey Search-and-Rescue Dogs

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moosieThis weekend in Ringwood, New Jersey, 37 handlers and their dogs, from 7 states and Canada, are working on their water search and rescue certification. As we all know, dogs have an uncanny sense of smell.  Their “scentsabilities” are 200 times that of humans. But did you know dogs are also able to pick up a scent coming off a lake or other body of water?

The work these dogs do to find victims of drowning is important to the families of the victims. They need the closure and the certified dogs and their handlers can give them that closure.

Moosie, a black Labrador Retriever owned by Chris Kempey, a dog handler with the K-9 New Jersey Search and Rescue team, has been training for 3-5 days a week for the past two years. Certification for water find is expensive and time-consuming but, according to Kempey, “it’s very rewarding when you do have a find. “Last September, Moosie found a wayward hiker, in the rain at night, who was lost in Norvin Green State Forest.

This weekend, Moosie hopes to receive her certification with the New Jersey Search and Rescue Council for water find. Good luck, Moosie and Chris!