My Dog: The Paradox

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If you’re not familiar with The Oatmeal, you’ve been missing out!  This site is full of hilarious comics, quizzes, and posters for those with a quirky sense of humor.  Here, Matthew Inman describes how his dog is a paradox.  Trust me, you’ll feel the same!  Keep in mind, however, these comics are slightly more adult-oriented.


8.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox18.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox28.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox38.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox48.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox58.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox68.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox7

8.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox8



Here is the actual link to buy the book:  book link.




8.1.15 - My Dog the Paradox9



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