My Left Foot: Clancy and the Bone

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It’s obvious that nobody has bothered to tell poor, confused Clancy that his left foot has no intention of stealing his bone.

Please don’t clue him in and spoil the fun.  😉

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10 thoughts on “My Left Foot: Clancy and the Bone”

  1. That is too funny – we have seen another video of a pup doing that too. Just be careful not to bite the wrong bone.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. That can become a very expensive behavior to pay attention to. It can be both OCD and REALLY UNFUNNY when the dog finally does damage to it’s paw and they have to go to the vet.
    There’s an old video that they still show on Animal Planets Funniest videos (or something like that) w/ a lab mix on a couch that keeps attacking it’s foot when it gets near the bone. They ended up bringing in a veterinary behaviorist and going through quite a bit to just bring that behavior more in check (it never went completely away – and they may have had to go w/ meds as well).

    I would encourage that family to STOP encouraging that behavior (w/ attention) in a hurry. I’d start w/ some interruption and calling the dog off the couch for something else.

  3. “When you breed for beauty, sometimes the brains don’t arrive.”

    An old saying from the world of horse traders..

  4. This video is funny that the dog is growling at her foot but, I am concerned that she will injure herself trying to protect her treat.


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