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Naked Dog-Walker Photobombs Girl’s Senior Photoshoot

by Melanie

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8.30.16 - Naked Dog-Walker Photobombs Girl’s Senior Photoshoot4


Senior year is a memorable time for most kids.  High school is drawing to a close, and teens are reminding each other of memories from the past three years while gushing, “I can’t believe we’re already seniors!”  Jillian Henry will now have an extraordinary memory to add to her bank, because as she was taking her senior photos, a naked man and his dog walked into the scene!

When I saw the titles about this on other sources, I was bewildered as to how this could even happen, because my senior photos were taken in school.  But I guess in some schools, students are allowed to take their own appropriate, professional photos and submit them.

Jillian was expecting photographer Elena Nesbit to take a few snaps of her standing in the tranquil Willamette River, however, her experience was anything but peaceful.


8.30.16 - Naked Dog-Walker Photobombs Girl’s Senior Photoshoot7


“His dog was running around and I was like, ‘He’s naked!’” Jillian told KGW. “And I was like, ‘He has to see us. He has to know we have a camera!’”

She wasn’t particularly shocked by his unusual appearance, as Eugene, Oregon is known for attracting quirky people, but she found the situation pretty funny given that there were others around.

While people are certainly free to walk their dogs naked, doing cartwheels if they like, on their own property, opting for a dog walk in the nude in an area open to anyone is certainly peculiar.

As funny as it would be, it’s unlikely that Jillian’s school will allow her to use any of the photos with the unclad man.  It’s a good thing they got some other nice shots while they were there.


8.30.16 - Naked Dog-Walker Photobombs Girl’s Senior Photoshoot6