Name That Breed

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It’s time to put your breed knowledge to the test.

Do you recognize this rare canine?

Tell us the breed in the comments section below – the first person to answer correctly will win a random prize of our choosing.

31 thoughts on “Name That Breed”

  1. Ok, there I got the comment to post. Yep, Xoloitzcuintli, not a Thai Ridgeback. Thai Ridgebacks have hair, and I should know, I have a really cute one.

      • There’s lots of pics of my girl on her dogster page, but the comment algo wont let post a link to it. Maybe b/c it’s a competing dog blog? Can’t we all just get along? Anyway, she’s on dogster, her name is Mischief, and her i.d. number for her page is 1161473.

  2. Yeah, the comment posting thingy just really doesn’t want me to post a link to a beautiful (a little personal bias) Thai Ridgeback. Oh well.


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