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Visiting Pet Friendly Victoria, BC

by Amy Burkert

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Ty and Buster, Life with Dogs’ travel correspondents, take you for a walking tour of Victoria, BCone of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, and one of most pet friendly! 

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Buster: Let’s start our tour of Victoria in Esquimalt, a neighborhood just west of downtown.

Ty: Great, we can catch the ferry – they’re pet friendly!

Ferry in the Harbor - Victoria, BC

Buster: Oh, come on, this is where the paved path around the harbor begins. Please, please, please … it’s only a 40 minute walk to downtown.

Along the Walkway - Victoria, BC

Ty: Fine, we’ll walk – but our first stop is going to be High End Dog Bakery. I’ll need to recharge my batteries and their cookies are my favorite.

High End Dog Bakery - Victoria, BC

High End Dog Bakery - Victoria, BC

Buster: Hey, I think they love us …

High End Dog Bakery - Victoria, BC

High End Dog Bakery - Victoria, BC

Ty: **gobble, crunch, smack, mmmmm**

Buster: Wipe off the crumbs my ravenous little friend, and let’s head over the the harbor.

Bastion Square - Victoria, BC

Orca - Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC

Ty: Then we’ll go past the Parliament Buildings and out to Laurel Point Park.

Parliament Buildings - Victoria, BC

Laurel Park - Victoria, BC

Buster: And to top it off, let’s watch the moon come up from Dallas Road dog beach.

Victoria, BC

Victoria is now one of our favorite cities. Have you been there? What do you like best about it?