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August 26th is National Dog Day – CELEBRATE!


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In 2004, Colleen Paige, author and pet lifestyle expert, founded the first National Dog Day. This special day was established to shine a spotlight on the number of dogs who need to be rescued each year, and for owners to give their family pets an extra-special day to call their own. It also celebrates the working dogs and service dogs who work tirelessly chasing down criminals, assisting disabled children and adults, sniffing out bombs and explosives, and the countless other jobs that dogs do without complaint or question.

Many shelters, rescue groups, and dog lovers across the nation will be spoiling and loving their pets and service dogs more than usual today. The day is for everyone to show their companions how much they appreciate the incredible loyalty, blind devotion, unending patience, and their ability to bring so much to our lives on a daily basis.

National Dog Day is against any type of breed ban. It encourages adoption of all breeds, mixed and pure-breds, and believes that all dogs deserve to live a happy, safe, and abuse-free life.

Celebrate with your dog, your friend’s dog, or take a trip to your local shelter and make a donation of your time and money so that all dogs know they are revered and loved.

Source: National Dog Day