Stolen Four Years Ago, Luna Will be Reunited with Her Owner

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Luna the English Bulldog was found in Milwaukee, four years later, after going missing in Miami. (Credit: CBS)

Thanks to her microchip, Luna, a 5-year-old English Bulldog found wandering in Milwaukee, will be reunited with Isa Mendoza in Miami, her original owner, on Sunday..

On New Year’s Day in 2008, Isa left Luna alone in the backyard for just a minute.  When she went back outside, Luna was gone. Puppy-napped in broad daylight.

Luna was picked up by animal control in Milwaukee and when they scanned her, looking and hoping she had been microchipped…jackpot! Luna had a microchip! They contacted Isa and told her they had Luna. “To know she’s alive and is on her way over to me is heartwarming,” Isa said. For the time being, Luna is hanging out in a loving, caring foster home.

It’s obvious Luna has had puppies from the Cesaerian scar on her tummy. “Unfortunately, she probably was bred at one point or another,” Jessica Huber of the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission said.

Isa is planning a celebration to welcome Luna home. Should be a doggone good time!

Microchipping your dog is so important in locating lost animals and reuniting those who have been stolen with their owners. Registering the chip and keeping your address updated with the microchip company is equally important. Many communities offer discounts on microchipping or your veterinarian can implant the chip in your dog.

Source: CBSNews

2 thoughts on “Stolen Four Years Ago, Luna Will be Reunited with Her Owner”

  1. Microchipping is one of the best things that has hit the animal world. We have our animals chipped and I would recommend this to any pet owner. Poor doggie I am glad that she is going home.

  2. Vets should routinely! Scan Ever animal they see Luna would have be reunited sooner that way, if all dogs had a licence again and that had to be produced at vets visits and must match the chip info as Luna has has a c section at a vets! But they just trust people words “I just got this new dog” the vets say how would they police it? I am multi dog owner and I’d be more than happy to have mine checked if I walked into a vets and feel that vets could solve a huge amount of the lost dog problems by scanning all and keeping hold of any that don’t match it how have a chip and the “new” owner didn’t now! And vets should have a good relationship with the police in such matters for everyone’s protection being a vet these days isn’t just about tx pets they have more power which should be used better no point having a chip if cars arnt scanning too, why leave it purely to dog wardens if the pets stray.


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