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NBC TV Show “Chicago Fire” Holding Top Firehouse Dog Contest


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The NBC television show “Chicago Fire” will honor the top firehouse dog in the country with a cameo in their popular show. Hundreds of submissions were received for the contest from all over the country and they have been narrowed down to three finalists that are vying for the title of “Top Dog.”

Producers of the television show narrowed down the field of hundreds to three finalists and now the public will get to choose which of these finalists is the top firehouse dog in the country. The three finalists are Dempsey, Smokey and Wilshire. All three dogs are deserving finalists and now it is up to dog lovers around the country to choose their favorite.


The first finalist is Dempsey, a mastiff-boxer mix from Indianapolis, Indiana. When Dempsey was only eight weeks old he was intentionally set on fire by a teenager. Dempsey had to undergo nine surgeries, but he thankfully survived. Now Dempsey works as the “Burn Prevention Pup” with Pike Township Fire Department. He helps teach children the dangers of fire and about animal cruelty.

“Our hopes were to use his battle scars to show kids (adults too) the damage that fire can do if played with or used improperly,” said Dempsey’s handler Eileen Orban. “Dempsey has definitely fulfilled those goals.”


The second finalist comes from Jacksonville, Illinois and is named Smokey. She was rescued by Jacksonville firefighters in 2009. The black Labrador’s lifeless body was rescued from a burning home and firefighters performed CPR to save her life. Her owners couldn’t afford Smokey’s medical expenses so the firefighters that saved her life once again came through and adopted her.

Smokey now is an important part of the firefighting team and helps firefighters teach children about fire safety, including demonstrating how to properly stop, drop and roll.


The final finalist is Wilshire from Los Angeles, California. In March of 2006 a young girl came to fire station 29 with a Dalmatian puppy that she could no longer care for. The firefighters took the puppy in and gave Wilshire the home he needed. Now a member of the firefighting family, Wilshire helps teach fire safety to children. He also teaches children the importance of healthy eating and exercise by lifting a 100 lb. dumbbell and running on a treadmill.

All three of these dogs are great dogs, but only one will win the contest. Voting ends on Monday September 30th at 3 p.m. ET. To vote for your favorite go to this link.