Quentin the Miracle Dog Retires

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quentinQuentin the Miracle Dog will make his last public appearance at his final book signing in St. Louis next week. His book tells the incredible story of how the shelter dog survived being euthanized and went on to educate the country about the millions of dogs that are euthanized each year at shelters.

In 2003, Quentin was facing his last day at a shelter in St. Louis, Missouri. He was led into a gas chamber with seven other dogs. After spending 15 minutes in the gas chamber and receiving a lethal dose of carbon monoxide shelter workers were shocked when they opened the door and there stood Quentin alive.

One of the shelter workers called Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue, and pleaded with him to take the miracle dog. Grim took the dog in and adopted him himself. He was also inspired to tell Quentin’s story. “Miracle Dog: How Quentin Survived the Gas Chamber to Speak for Animals on Death Row” was published in February 2005.

Grim and Quentin traveled around the country promoting the book, campaigning against the use of the gas chamber and supporting no-kill shelters.  They have appeared on numerous national television shows bringing Quentin’s story to a large audience.

On October 4th Quentin will make his final public appearance at a book signing in St. Louis. The event will also be a retirement party for Quentin to celebrate his story and what it has done to bring awareness to the millions of shelter dogs that need saving across the country.

7 thoughts on “Quentin the Miracle Dog Retires”

  1. Wonderful story and wonderful dog and owner; if people would only spay and neuter their pets; there should only be no-kill shelters out there. All animals deserve more than one chance at life…………

  2. I live in one of those European socialist sissy states Mr. Bush so politely called us. But I am PROUD to say: we don’t kill animals in shelters. Never ever, not one. Not even the ill, old and/or aggresive ones. We have special needs shelters for them. Adopted? Awesome, last year I adopted a 12 year senior. Not adopted? We take good care of them untill they crossr Rainbow Bridge. We don’t have banned breeds, all dogs are equal. Chained dogs are illegal. I have never seen a stray dog in my life. We even have an animal party (one issue party) in parliament, the only country in the world. And I can go on and on. If WE can do it, why can’t you?? Thats called being civilized. Poor Quentin, lucky Quentin!! Gas chambers for animals? Unimaginable cruel and completely unnecessary.

    • Anna, where do you live? I would like to learn more about the laws, regulations, and just everything that pertains to the pets where you live. I think this country needs an example that works for it to change and follow suit. I would advocate here and use your state as a model for change. Please email me or reply.

      thank you!

      • Thank you for your interest Joanne!
        Reading Life with Dogs and other animal sites I feel sooo frustrated and angry.
        So little is done to end the unnecessary suffering of so many helpless animals.
        I don’t live in animal heaven, even here (the Netherlands) we have abuse and neglect, still much work to be done. But in comparison to the US we ARE so much further, animal rights are a big issue here. If we would murder so many pets in shelters, like you, I think we got a nation wide rebellion…..
        Tell me how we can contact each other, my pleasure to inform you!!

  3. It is truly disturbing that we in America still euthanize animals, who find themselves in the shelter due to no fault of their own, in a GAS CHAMBER. That is the uncivilized and cruel thing imaginable. What is being done to stop this? How can anyone think this is okay?

  4. There was a documentary on HBO called ‘One Nation Under Dog’. In one of the sequences, it discussed the gas chamber at shelters. The workers loaded up dogs and flipped the switch. The sound still haunts me today. The next round was a handful of puppies. I left the room in hysterics. I could not sit there and watch that kind of cruelty. I do not know how those people handle hearing and seeing what they do on a daily basis. There is nothing humane about an agonizing 10-15 minutes of suffocating. This method should definitely be stopped.

  5. Can you tell me how Quentin died recently. I heard it on the news tonight, but they didn’t say how he passed away. I just wanted to know how this special dog finally passed over the Rainbow bridge. Thank you.


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