NEeMA, ‘Elsa’s Lullaby’ – Video Premiere

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Egyptian/Lebanese songstress NEeMA has unveiled her new video for “Elsa’s Lullaby”, a heartfelt tribute to her beloved dog of the same name.

The song is an endearing depiction of the relationship between pet and owner, and a testament to the triumphant spirit of rescue animals everywhere.

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20 thoughts on “NEeMA, ‘Elsa’s Lullaby’ – Video Premiere”

  1. that beautiful face reminds me of how much i miss my beautiful Tassie dog . She was my baby girl and also the love of my life. I sang to her every day about how much i loved her and her crazy muttness even on her last day on earth. For that day she got my 2nd favorite song to sing to her, Joe Cocker’s “you are so beautiful” . I balled the entire time. so glad im not the only one who loves my babies so much that i sing about/to them

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. I gave Miss Dottie an extra big hug after this. She shares how we all feel about our partners.


  3. Thanks for the lighthearted lullaby 🙂 Beautiful imagery and a sweet tune to go with it – now for an mandatory cuddling session with *my* puppers 🙂

  4. What I see is an irresponsible dog owner who is walking their dog around a city without a leash. Which is against the law. She is setting a horrible example to dog owners EVERYWHERE! Someone should send this link to the rescue that she got this dog from. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know that she’s walking the dog without a leash. It’s a slap in the face of the hard work that rescue people do to save animals like this. This video doesn’t warm the heart… it boils the blood.

    • Really? Get a life… first, it’s a music video, second, it’s a music video, and finally it’s a music video… beautiful song, beautiful dog, beautiful artist, and I for one and grateful to have someone put into a lullaby my exact feelings and devotion to my dogs… and in a music video. Thank you NEema <3

  5. What a Beautiful Tribute to a Truly beautiful Girl, Elsa. I know how you feel. My dogs are my life. Thank You!!!


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