Neglected Dog and Pups Living in Abandoned Home in Detroit

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As of 8pm last evening, a female dog and her ten pups were still living in a filthy, garbage-strewn garage behind an abandoned home on the west side of Detroit. Frustrated neighbors are asking for help after receiving no response from local authorities.

One neighbor said that nothing has been done, even though she has contacted Detroit Animal Control and the Detroit Humane Society several times. The Michigan Humane Society said the case was referred to Detroit Animal Control, but apparently no one came out to check on the dogs. The Humane Society said it will now send an investigator to see what can be done for the animals, but after so many dead ends, local residents are not holding out hope.

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25 thoughts on “Neglected Dog and Pups Living in Abandoned Home in Detroit”

  1. We are seeing more and more of this. The disturbing thing is the Humane Societies are being lax in following up on reports by concerned people. I know for a fact that the rescues and humane societies are being stretched to the limit, but when more than one person complains or reports this type of situation they should at least send someone to assess the situation. It should not have to take a local tv news story to get results.

  2. So so sad. What the hell kind of people could abandon their dog and her puppies? The previous owners of the house should be fined and put in jail for a while…….since they obviously don’t have jobs if they’re losing their house. People REALLY need to think of the future and have a plan B for everything, and not day to day worries. Don’t spend $$ like you’ll always have income. Save for the rainy days. If people did that, so many people wouldn’t be losing their homes and pets. Realtors and banks should check homes that are being abandoned during foreclosures. Seriously? It’s really got to stop. I can’t imagine leaving my kids if I had to. I could find a place that accepted them or find fam/friends to help me out. That momma should’ve been spayed. It’s not that damn expensive. Some areas give a stimulus to do that……or they have special rates on certain days. Jeesh!

  3. People get caught smoking a “plant” and get in way more trouble than people abandoning or abusing pets. It just ain’t right!!!! What’s wrong with this world?

  4. This is just so upsetting !! Why doesn’t whoever is watching this go on just take the dogs out of there and foster them on a temp basis ?? I’d track down the previous tenants and have them brought up on charges !! This kind of behavior should not be acceptable at all on any level !!! These dogs are in my prayers !!


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