New Drug Discovery Could Revolutionize Control of Dog Population

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Discovered by an Arizona scientist, a new drug promises surgery-free sterilization for female dogs if approved by the FDA.

Dr. Loretta Mayer was conducting a study on artificial induction of menopause in mice when she and a colleague realized that ContraPest, SenesTech’s version of “mouseopause,” could offer the benefit of  sterilization in female dogs. Mayer is optimistic that the drug could put a substantial dent in annual euthanasia statistics.

While the FDA approval process could take years, Arizona Humane Society medical services director Dr. Nancy Bradley feels strongly that chemical sterilization represents a substantial advance in the fight to control animal overpopulation.
“With spaying and neutering, each animal has to be given anesthesia,” Bradley said. “Any type of anesthetic is dangerous, and you’re taking a risk with that animal’s life. So, if there is some sort of chemical sterilization, that would be outstanding. It would be safer for the animal and more efficient for us.”

Mayer hopes the drug will  allow animal shelters to use non-surgical means for sterilization. “I think that a lot of folks would rather give their dog a pill than make them have surgery,” Mayer said.


27 thoughts on “New Drug Discovery Could Revolutionize Control of Dog Population”

  1. i have real concerns with this. are they still at risk for pyometra? are they still at risk for breast cancer? the chemical sterilization for male dogs still leaves them with the hormonal behavioral issues, testicular and prostate cancer issues, and they still will react greatly to a female in heat as the desire to breed is still there. it may stop the actual breeding, but leaves all the other issues that the actual surgery will correct.

  2. Oh Angel you are talking out of your ASS! The fewer dogs murdered every year FAR out weighs any supposed point you just brought up. Look at the BIG picture and wake the hell up!

  3. Sounds good but I’m thinking there will be long term side effects just as there are with any kind of hormone treatment. It didn’t say if it was a hormone but I’m thinking so and there is always an increase of cancer with it. I see it all the time with women taking hormone replacement therapy.

  4. It’s not the fault of the DOG, it’s the IDIOT humans that need to be sterilized! Spay / neuter is a flawed theory, as the dogs in good homes are NOT the problem, it’s the bad breeders to an extent, but the PRIMARY issue the the BAD OWNERS!

  5. Reading some of the comments here and people are kinda hard on Angel. We have to remember there is no miracle pill. The major problem in pet overpopulation is lack of education,carelessness and projection of human emotion on the animal (my dog will be depressed if I neuter them) on the part of the owner.
    The people who lack regard for pet overpopulation still wont use a pill even if it is convenient and sadly the pill may be just as much as a low cost spay and neuter clinic. It is very true that the pill is easy to give but I work in health care and hormone treatment and manipulation of the endocrine system have some pretty harsh side effects.


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