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Take a look around you – there are many exceptional dog lovers in our community. We’ll introduce you to three of them today, and each week we’ll feature a few of your adoption success stories – your dedication to our best friends is something to celebrate.


Desi is an afghan hound that was rescued from a hoarder/addicts house. Hoarding in the sense of stuff, not animals. Desi had her spot on the floor surrounded by boxes, junk, and dirt. She is 6, originally a mill puppy, had never seen a vet, and lives with a heart murmur. We are so grateful that she is in good hands with us now, she is a sweet amazing soul. She is a pet therapy dog for hospice patients, she brings a smile to everyone she meets.There is something about her, she has changed me.


Topaz came to us very shy, afraid of everything and basically unsure of life from a Greyhound Rescue Group in Cross River, NY called GRR (Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation). It took a lot of patience and love on my part and my wife Noreen’s part but with both and just letting time for Topaz herself to gain trust in us she has finally opened up and become a wonderful and special part of our family.

Topaz now does meet-n-greets, home visits and can even walk up to some strangers and accept being touched by them which was something in the beginning that Topaz would not allow. Topaz continues daily to understand life can be good and not all things have to be feared. Although Topaz will never be as sure of herself as her sister Foxy and brother Jack are she still is making huge strides to becoming a well adjusted pet.


lily 1

Lilly is 1/2 afghan hound/collie mix. She looks like a character straight out of “Dr. Seuss”. I nicknamed her “Solla Sollew”. When she was 9 months old, her owners had to leave their home and chained her up where someone would stop by occasionally and feed her. She came to me, thin, sad, scared and afraid. Now she is happy, so loved, secure and my best girl. I love my “Lilly Bell”, so happy our paths crossed.


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