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New Home for Stray Rescued from Eight Foot Well

by Katherine

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On December 17, 2014, Christina Edmonds from a rural area outside Oelwein, Iowa, found a stray Retriever-Pit Bull mix dog trapped in an abandoned well. Luckily for the pet, local firefighters came to his rescue.

“It’s an old well. It’s not the well that we actually use now,” Edmonds told local news. “My boyfriend went to work and he’s like there’s a dog in that well. And I was like ‘oh my gosh how are we going to get it out?'”

Dog rescued from well.
Dog rescued from well.


After receiving the emergency call, firefighters arrived at the property and removed the heavy wood boards used to cover portions of the well’s opening, the dog must have fallen through the boards’ gap.

The well was eight feet deep and fortunately the dog did not suffer any injuries after falling into it.

Using a ladder, one of the rescuers descended into the well. He carefully checked to make sure the dog was not aggressive. After a few minutes and lots of loving pets on the head, a crate was lowered into the well and the dog secured inside it. A harness was attached to the crate’s handle and the distressed animal was hoisted to safety.

Firefighters rescuing dog from well.
Firefighters rescuing dog from well.


The dog was later taken to Oelwein Veterinarian Clinic where veterinarians determined the pet is approximately one year old.

Authorities hoped the dog’s owner would come forward to claim the canine, but after spending days in the hospital unclaimed, the pooch was made available for adoption.

It didn’t take long for an animal lover to come forward and adopt the stray. Many community members with lost dogs called the vet clinic to see if the rescued dog was their pet, and many of those callers offered to take the dog home. On December 26, 2014, the rescued dog left the hospital and went to his new forever home.