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New medical technology helps dog survive five story fall


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gaugeGauge is a dog that is lucky to be alive. A month ago he fell five stories and suffered severe injuries. New technology at the University of Minnesota helped veterinarians treat Gauge more efficiently and save his life.

Gauge used to love going for runs. These days he’s lucky to be even alive and walking. Gauge’s owner, Betsy Strachota, brought him to work one day. “We have a rooftop deck on our offices,” Strachota said. “When I let him out to go to the bathroom, he looked across the roof and it looked like it continued. He couldn’t see it dropped off and he jumped.”

Miraculously Gauge survived falling five stories, but he suffered serious injury. He was brought to the University of Minnesota where veterinarians used a new 3-D CT scan to give them a better in depth picture of what was going on inside Gauge before operating. A regular x-ray showed Gauge had a fracture but the 3-D CT scan, which takes only six seconds, showed that Guage’s hip had completely shattered and his spleen had been torn.

Veterinarians worked to stop Gauge’s internal bleeding and repair his hip. Gauge is now in rehab working on healing. He may need surgery again down the road. The treatment has been expensive, but Strachota knows it is worth it.