Owners Seek Answers in Horrific Dog Dragging Case

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On Saturday, Melony Patton’s brother made a grisly discovery: his sister’s beloved black Labrador, Jetta, had been dragged to death. A trail of fur and blood on the asphalt led him to her lifeless body. Jetta’s devastated family cannot understand what would motivate someone to harm Jetta, ‘who would never hurt a fly’ according to Patton.

Jetta was a new mother who had given birth only a month ago. The Patton’s have been bottle feeding the nine puppies since Jetta was killed. The Pattons have had Jetta since she was only 8 wks old. She was two years old at the time of her death. Her legs were bound with baling wire and she was dragged behind a vehicle and shot. It is unknown whether she was shot before or after she was dragged.

Sheriff Scott Walton is determined to find the person responsible for this crime and bring them to justice. “There is nothing really to justify killing a dog. I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who abuses an animal like that. You’re going to be in deep trouble, and I’m pressing charges to the max,” Patton said of those responsible. Oklahoma has tough animal cruelty statutes that can put the perpetrator behind bars for up to five years and levy large fines.

The Wild Heart Ranch (https://www.facebook.com/WildHeartRanch), a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization in Rogers County, together with Humane Society of the United States and the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals has raised over $4500.00 as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. A message on the Wild Heart Ranch Facebook page has assured their supporters that the Sheriff’s office takes this crime very seriously and will find the person or persons who committed this crime.

“Jetta was very special,” said Melony.  “If the kids were outside, she would stay right next to them, and right after she had her puppies last month, my two-year-old would roll over her and play with her and she would lick him and love him.  She was like a kid to us, she would lay on your lap, and jump on you for a hug.” Patton is having a hard time explaining Jetta’s death to her children, “I told them she’s in heaven”.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office at 918-341-3620.

9 thoughts on “Owners Seek Answers in Horrific Dog Dragging Case”

  1. “Large fines” and some jail???OH SOOOOO NOT ENOUGH. I say VIGILANTE JUSTICE is called for here. FIND the SOB POS that did this (which in my opinion looks like someone was targeting the owner by killing her dog) AND DRAG HIM TO HIS GRAVE.

    Until and unless there are sufficient deterrents for cruelty such as this they will continue, there will be more of these incidents, and they will get worse. I do not pretend to know why and I do NOT think that the unspeakable filth that calls itself human even knows why “it” did it. I think that there are some bioentities that “get off” by being cruel to animals (and kids and old people and homeless). The legal system is failing mightily to prevent/punish – pretty much divided among uncaring and/or ignorant judges, lazy district attorneys, and scumbag lawyers fully employing that scourge of the criminal justice system PLEA BARGAINING which pretty much ensures that the perp will walk with a mere lunch-money fine or wrist-tap.

    If potential abusers KNEW that they were going to be subjected to eye-for-an-eye punishment, what do you want to wager that the crime rate would drop immediately and dramatically?? Just sayin’.

    • I’m so fed up of SO CALLED authorities letting things cool down and be forgotten,or say they’re hands are tied by this by that….they don’t care,period,!
      This dog’s legs were tied…..who will speak for him????

  2. So Jetta was left outside, with her puppies, alone all night? This could have been prevented just by bringing her in at night.

    The person who did this should be prosecuted and put in jail. That person is a monster. But I find it so sad that his could have so easily been prevented.

    • Blame the victim, eh? And you know she was left outside at night, HOW? And if she was, what business is that of yours and why would you blame the grieving owners? I suspect you might know more about this cruelty than others might suspect. If so, you deserve to die.

    • How would you know the dog was left outside at night or any other time unless you were the one who did that to the dog? Because that wasn’t mentioned in this story at all. I hope somebody is tracing this jerk’s IP number.

  3. Find the scum, kill their family. Siblings first, parents next and then the rest, then and only then, kill the punk.

  4. What a heinous crime. The person or people have to be very mentally sick to even think about doing something like this????????????? God help us. Since this crime is so wicked, I do hope they find him/them and punish accordingly. I would guess this person/persons are low lives without money so prison time should be the punishment. They should also be castrated so as to not procreate.

  5. To the owners of Jetta, my heart goes out to you, as my family and myself are dog lovers.

    No one should be able to get away with this hedious and horrible crime. The person who did this is sick and should have every possible law thrown against him to include trespassing private property. The same kind of death should be done to to this cruel and heartless person.

    My prayers go out to you and your family during this hard time!


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