News Reporter & Her Friend Save a Dog Dying of Heatstroke

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Reporter Kim Craig of 7 Action News in Detroit and her friend Sandra were on their way to help a man get ready for a job interview when they came across a dog lying near the street with his owner.  The dog, named Bosco, had spent his entire life on a chain, and was being walked to his owner’s new home when he collapsed from heatstroke.  But this reporter and her friend saved his life, and now he’s on the road to beginning a new one.

This is her story, as reported to WXYZ:

Sunday afternoon, a friend and I were eager to meet up with a man on Detroit’s east side to help him get ready for a job interview this week.

But on the way, we spotted a dog lying near the road next to his owner. We thought he’d been hit by a car.

My friend, Sandra Abrahamian, and I have assisted animal rescue groups before and we thought there might be something we could do, so we quickly pulled over to help.

A woman told us the dog’s name is Bosco, and she was walking him over a mile in the heat to her new home.

She said Bosco was an outside dog and no one would give him a ride to her new place. That’s when she and a friend decided to walk the Saint Bernard mix the entire way. He was going from a life on a chain in one backyard to another.

She said Bosco was having trouble breathing along the way, but they thought he could make it.

But just a block away from their destination, Bosco collapsed. We could tell he was suffering from a heat stroke.

She told us he had thrown up and could no longer stand. Bosco was panting excessively, his drool was also thick.

Bosco’s owner said she had wanted to give him away because she didn’t have time for him. She said he would never be allowed into her new home because her children have allergies and she worried he would dirty the carpet.


5.31.16 - Reporter Saves Dog Dying of Heatstroke1


I made a frantic call to Kristina Rinaldi of Detroit Dog Rescue to ask if they could help Bosco because it was clear he was going to die without emergency care.

Rinaldi said they could help, and she alerted the staff at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services that a dog requiring critical care was being rushed in.

Sandra drove while I stayed in the backseat trying to comfort Bosco. I thought we lost him a couple times when he briefly stopped panting and his eyes seemed to fixate.

By the time we arrived, Bosco was still unable to stand. He was put on a stretcher and wheeled into the veterinary center.

Bosco was put on oxygen and intravenous fluids.

Bosco is now being called Roscoe. Rinaldi said one of the many other dogs in their care is already named Bosco, but she wanted this new member of their non-profit rescue to have a new name for his new life.

Bosco’s critical care and recovery is estimated to be several thousand dollars. But with the help of supporters, Detroit Dog Rescue will be able to cover his veterinary costs.

You can follow Roscoe’s progress on Detroit Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.

And if you’d like to donate to his care, you can visit their website

Once Roscoe was stable, Sandra and I did return to our original mission, knowing we had already been given the chance to help one very deserving soul.


5.31.16 - Reporter Saves Dog Dying of Heatstroke

6 thoughts on “News Reporter & Her Friend Save a Dog Dying of Heatstroke”

  1. Melanie, the late Pope John Paul II said that in the afterlife we will meet again all the creatures that kept us company …guess will be a crowd waiting for you 🙂 :0 Well done, another life saved.
    Be afraid of the carpet getting dirty, I can’t believe …..

  2. How stupid can people be (that’s a rhetorical question because from this story, we already know)? Neither the previous owner or the new owner (I take it the 2nd idiot doesn’t get this beautiful dog – hopefully) have the brains God gave a goose! Thank goodness these 2-legged angels came along or this innocent dog would have died! Way to go ladies!

  3. thats what they ,make vaccums for. it is better someone worthy can adopt the dog… they should put that lady on the chain and put her outside like they did to roscoe…… and see how she likes it.

  4. THANK YOU so much for taking your time to help save Roscoe and get him the help he needed so badly. KIM and SANDRA, both of you are ANIMAL HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please tell me Rosco has been adopted since this story has aired. Please tell me yes. If not shame on everyone is Detroit that is able to adopt him and hasn’t. I would if I didn’t live in goddamn California.


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