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No Emergency Here. Just a Dog Dialing 911

by Katherine

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140331-SophieFor 911 operators, every phone call they receive is an emergency call they have to take seriously, but last month, Nebraska’s Sarpy County 911 operators received an unusual call.

“Hello? This is 911. Is there an emergency?” asked the operator.

They only heard scratches and a woman’s voice in the background, but they couldn’t determine if there was a real emergency.

Sophie, a Japanese Chin dog, was making herself comfortable on her owner’s, Melissa Acosta, bed when the pet accidentally pawed and dialed 911.

“No my dog just … I just got my phone away from my dog,” Acosta told KETV News.

Acosta said the entire situation was embarrassing, and fortunately the dispatcher found it humorous. In all his years on the job, this was a first time he was answering a dog’s 911 call.