Social Media Helps Abused Dog Get Justice

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In today’s technological world, social media networks have become the eyes of justice. Authorities and civilians use social media to ensure that any injustices committed and publicized on the Internet don’t go unpunished.

For two St. Louis County teenagers, a short clip they uploaded to Facebook, showing how they maliciously abused an innocent dog was their ticket to St. Louis County Juvenile Justice Center.

140331-FBabusedDogThe video showed the teenagers punching, throwing the dog, and laughing at their actions.

On February 27, 2014, St. Louis County police started an investigation after their department received hundreds of calls reporting the animal abuse. The video posted on Facebook was shared thousands of times and it moved animal lovers across the nation to demand justice for the pet.

According STLToday, Officer Brian Schellman said the department received calls from outraged people around 12:30 p.m.

Facebook users cross-shared the video on different social media platforms, trying to identify the teenagers, and sure enough, someone called authorities and said the abusers attended Riverview Gardens School District.

Once a positive ID was made by authorities, the abusers were taken into custody. The dog was also rescued and taken into protective custody.

An Animal Control officer stated “the dog [was] safe and there was an open investigation.”

That same afternoon, the video portraying the abuse was taken off Facebook.

We are glad to know the abusers were arrested and charged with animal abuse. They will pay for the crime they committed.

36 thoughts on “Social Media Helps Abused Dog Get Justice”

  1. I’m not sure if these juveniles can be rehabilitated. They kicked, punched and body slammed the dog while laughing. If you do such a thing to a dog then there is something wrong with you. It just saddens me that kids like these get pitbulls. They shouldn’t have a dog in the first place!

    • They can’t be. I’d be surprised if they could be.
      They will go onto being repeat offenders, the level of violence gradually increasing until they begin to do this to people, provided they haven’t already started.
      They are gutless little bastards that should do serious time.
      And the recent infamous of animal abuser and felon, Michael Vick being hired by the NY Jets is certainly not going to help deter little monsters like this.

    • If a child abused an animal they have learned that which means they will do that to a younger child not to be trusted

  2. They won’t pay, abusers never pay enough for what they do. They need to be abused the same way they did to this dog to really learn anything.

    • They probably have been abused and that’s why they do the same. This is learned behavior in most cases. Putting them in a place with other kids like them will only teach them how to b more vicious. These children need psychiatric help. Unless they are sociopaths there is every hope that they can be rehabilitated with the right kind of care. I love animals, and especially dogs, but revenge won’t make the world a better place for anyone.

      • Being a sociopath is not learned behavior. I am not wasting one second of my compassion on those pieces of human garbage. My focus in on the innocent they abused. No psychiatrist can fix someone like that.

    • Julie that is the correct answer. Since they don’t have any empathy for the dog or puppy or whatever the victim of the day is. They must spend time in the victim’s place to hopefully learn empathy. Let them do some hard time and they will be taught. I hear every lock up has the equivalent of a Big Bubba. We live in hope.

  3. Excuses will be made for these “animals” that abused this dog…..Bad childhood, poor living conditions, poverty, etc…..
    And of course, we can’t forget about racism !!! Thats what made them do it…..The dog was a racist.
    Al Sharpton will give this goy a character reference at his hearing….And of course he will walk.

  4. If dogs can’t be rehabilitated sadly they generally are put down …. Fair is fair all I’m saying ..

    If a person at any age mis treats animals, they should no longer be treated as a human

    • Anonymous, where did you get your erroneous info?
      Of Course, Dogs Can Be Rehabilitated !!!! I’ve been rescuing for 19 years, if dogs couldn’t be rehabbed I’d just give up. It’s people that can’t be rehabbed sufficiently.
      Dogs learn new behaviors, people use the information they receive from rehab to beat the system and hide their behaviors. Dogs are smart, kind and want to please. People not so much.

      • Rescured My Dog: I feel for the poor dog and for your predicament at watching his or her suffering. I only have two or three suggestions. Since the authorities won’t help, you will have to take it on yourself to give her help or find someone to get it for her or him. 1: Breaking and Entering to get the dog to help is one solution not advised by me. 2: watch when the dog is in the yard be ready, grab and run for the car getting her out of harm’s way. Making sure you have bail money at the ready just in case you need it, and a trusted friend or relative to bail you out. 3:Get some friends together with socks and rolls of dimes in them or soap if you’re broke, (either one will work) have a meeting with him and introduce him to said socks. I am not recommending anyone to do anything illegal. You do not need to follow my ideas but you asked for input and this is the best I can come up with. Or you could get an attorney and try suing the said authorities For dereliction of duty and dog owner for stress on your health (nervous system) and emotional harm suffered by you due to the abuse the poor dog is suffering every day she or he remains in dangerous home environment. Don’t forget to record everything you observe and date each event, get photos whenever possible (pictures are more valuable than words) make sure you stay on the authorities backs.
        Bugging the peons that work there is a waste of your time, go for management every time until they check their back pocket before sitting down every time to make sure you’re not there! From personal experience I have learned not to give creature comforts to the victim because that allows the perpetrator to continue their bad behavior and abuse. If the authorities figure out that the animal is being given food and water they’ll give the owners credit for it and the poor thing will never get help. When you give the victim food and water it covers up the abuse.

      • wanda,
        she wasn’t saying dogs can’t be Rehabilitated but when people decide they can’t be they are put down. So fair is fair. put down these people that are doing these horrible things to these animals.

  5. If you ever lived in these area like I have, you would see that this behavior is common….And people wonder why the prisons are full…..And don’t kid yourselves, these people would kill YOU just for something to do on a Saturday night.

  6. if I find an abuser before the police I would not video the attack. I once saw a guy beat a dog on the street. my friend and I beat him so bad his girlfriend had to call ambulance for him, the dog enjoyed 15 yrs. with my friend before he died. he was the best dog we have ever met. abusers will pay.

    • Scott I’m with you in this but unfortunately not everyone is even able to do this, I mean they are not physically able to do this and they even shouldn’t.
      I’m the same in this.. when I see a sort of abuse I loose my mind and I approach the person however big it is, but I once even got punched from this guy after I went to him to make him stop (by yelling at him.. I didn’t start punching or kicking him).. There were cars driving around but only after a while one guy stopped.
      I’m not someone considered a big girl, very tall yes, very athletic.. but if it was someone smaller or less agile, weaker you never know what could happen.. they might not get just one punch.. doing the video as proof and reporting is at least something.. so many people just walk away from an abused animal.
      But yeah.. I would do it again even if I would get punched again


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