“Nobody Can Fully Understand Love Until They Are Owned by a Dog”

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We’re going to assume that if you’re a fan of our page, you’re a pretty big fan of dogs, too.  Just like we are.  Dogs are more than just pets, they’re family.  So here are a few adorable photos with some quotes reminding us of why we love our dogs so much.


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2 thoughts on ““Nobody Can Fully Understand Love Until They Are Owned by a Dog””

  1. Oh, I love these photos and quotes!! All are so true.. I have been blessed and honored to be a dog parent many times. Nothing better than bringing a dog home from the shelter, knowing not only you saved their life, but knowing that they will change your life for only the better.

  2. As a Therapist for kids and families, I often recommend (when appropriate) clients having an emotional support pet. The change in the person is almost immediate, even the anticipation of having something love them. It gives them hope, they do not just talk about their illnesses. Even taking them to a nursing home brightens up the patients’ day. Volunteering at a shelter is a good idea but for some reason, they do not want volunteers any more! Weird.


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