Noelle Greets Her Dad

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Noelle, a deaf terrier mix, is excited to see her dad return to get her after his Army training mission.

The dog accompanied her Mom to an adoption event one day recently when Dad was scheduled to return from training. Noelle laid around in her crate, disinterested in the attention she got from passersby, until someone very special came along.

6 thoughts on “Noelle Greets Her Dad”

  1. So beautiful! It’s amazing the love that’s shared between dogs and people. I still can’t wait to see my baby all excited when I walk in the door after work, gets me every time. I just wish that every saw the love and beauty in these amazing creatures.

    • I agree with little one does that happy feet dance when we get home. it saddens me that more people cant see the love a dog or cat gives and are so thankful for safe warm home you share with them.

  2. if someone told me there was no compassion between dog and human or the one where they say ah its only a dog should try living with a pet and see how it works


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