Non-Dog Lover Saves a Sickly, Paralyzed Dog from a High-Kill Shelter

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Sometimes a small stroke of fate can completely change a life.  Victoria was dumped at a high-kill shelter with partial paralysis and a deformity.  Not one person even volunteered to donate towards her care.  But then a woman who didn’t even like dogs had a small bit of luck which inspired her to save Victoria’s life.

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5.25.16 - Victoria


No one can say for certain what Victoria’s life was like before she was dropped at a high-kill shelter in California, but given her condition it couldn’t have been a good one. She was suffering from back-end paralysis, has a severe deformity to her front leg likely due to congenital defect or malnutrition, and her body showed signs of having been used as a breeding dog for much of her life.

It’s been a year since she came into rescue with Funds for Pets. She now walks, no longer braces to be hit when being punished, and has fewer and fewer night terrors. She’s also had a cancer scare, lost her sight, struggles with hearing, can’t always find her food even when placed inches from her nose, and as a result of her medication has some weight issues. Because her doctors can’t find anything to explain why this is happening, they’ve suggested she have an MRI done.

While we wait, I find myself often thinking about the post in which I was first introduced to her. The headline read “…..thousands of likes, hundreds of shares, but not one donation to save her life.” I had never been a dog lover. I’d never given a donation to a dog’s cause and might not have had I not received a cheque I’d been waiting on for four years just that very morning. It was not my intention to ever meet or know this dog. But I was just so moved by her plight, I couldn’t let her leave this world without knowing her life mattered to at least someone.

Despite everything she’s been through, Victoria never stops wagging her tail. She is so happy and I’m lucky I get to be her mom. I’m grateful to Funds for Pets and all the wonderful people who dedicate their time and energy to the rescue. Their efforts to raise funds for her medicine, acupuncture, MRI says every day, “Victoria’s life matters to me.”  It means everything to me.

Submitted by an anonymous dog lover in Winnipeg, Canada.

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