Owner Writes the Sweetest Tribute to Dog Who Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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5.25.16 - Live Forever




Dear Jessie,

When I first adopted you, I whispered to you “You gotta live forever, ’kay?” Over the years when I would imagine life without you, I would say again to you, “You gotta live forever, ’kay?”’

My body still wants to take you for a walk. Your leash still hangs by the door waiting for the words, “Wanna go outside?” It’s been raining a lot this week and I instinctively look at the clock to see if it’s near time to take you out.

Whenever I eat some crackers or chips, I look to see where you are so I can throw you some.

You were the perfect dog for me. So quiet… so calm. You never peed or chewed on anything. You barked so infrequently that you would scare yourself when you did.

You were with me through all the good times and the bad. You never judged me, even when I weighed 200 lbs and was sweating to the oldies. You always had a wag of the tail for me.

I loved how I could always trust you with any child. When you got older and a little more grey in the face, some of the neighbor kids started calling you Granny.

Even when you could no longer chew the hard kibble and you weren’t so interested in your toys, and had to be walked more often, I loved you so much.

You trusted me right up to the end. You believed me when I told you that you didn’t have to live forever and it’s OK to go.

I felt the life leave your body and you took a piece of me with you.

I love you sweet Jessie girl, and I’ll see you at the bridge. 1998 – 2016


Submitted to The Animal Rescue Site by Kris of Prestonburg, Kentucky


8 thoughts on “Owner Writes the Sweetest Tribute to Dog Who Crossed the Rainbow Bridge”

  1. I lost my sweet Mylo this past Sunday. He was hit and killed by a car in the neighborhood, the car didn’t even stop. I wasn’t home, my boyfriend’s parents had opened the front door and he just bolted outside. He was only 2 and half. I miss his sweet little face and I can’t help but cry for him and tell him how I love him. I miss him so much, it’s not fair, he deserved a longer life with me.. It feels so lonely without him.

  2. We lost our Rascal three years ago, I can relate, I had to hide her collar because it was too painful, I would make food and turn to give it to her and realize she wasn’t there. Look at her spot she loved to lie on, my house was empty even though my husband and I still lived there. Coming home would cause my heart to hurt waiting to see her big head in the vestibule that I’d never see again. I finally decided there would be a new normal, I’d do things differently, turn on the TV, not let my brain go there. To this day it still hurts but it does get better, but she took a piece of my heart with her.

  3. this made me cry. I love my dog and thinking that she is not always going to be with me causes me great angst. She is my best friend. Your letter moved me beyond words.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, as losing an animal is equal to losing a human whom you’ve loved and cared for, for so long. Two and a half years ago my fiance and I gave birth to a baby girl in November. January rolled around and it started to get cold. At the time we owned a propane heater that didn’t do the job for our house. We then borrowed a space heater from a family member. As I took my daughter to the baby sister on the morning of January 28th, 2014, I had noticed that it was the coldest, snowiest day of the year so far. My fiance left work after I did and forgot to turn the space heater off. Within two hours of both my fiance and I being at work, I received a call that my house was on fire. I left work immediately (Worked 2 miles away from home). On my way out of work I was so frantic as to what I would see when I pulled up to my family home. I slipped on ice on the way out to my car from leaving working because I was running so fast, knowing I had to get there to let first responders know that my little Shih Tzu named Goober was inside the house. Goober was our first “baby”. He was the ultimate dog, and human at the same time. When I pulled up to my house I couldn’t believe was I had seen. The weather was in the negatives. I pulled up on the side street next to my home, ran out of my car and ran to my front lawn which was all ice due to the amount of water they were using to try to put the fire out, I screamed that my dog was inside and nobody even looked at me. I dropped to my knees sobbing for a couple minutes until a firefighter came over to me and told me I couldn’t be there. I told him this was my home and my dog was inside. I didn’t expect them to risk their lives for my little Goober but I was heartbroken knowing that with how bad the damage was, Goober was gone. A few hours after the fire was put out, my dad searched what was left of my home to find his remains so I could at least have what was left of him to cremate. He called me after searching and talking with the fire department, to let me know he had found the remains of our sweet little boy in our bedroom closet and he had buried him. I was yet again even more heartbroken, as my father knew I wanted to cremate his remains. It is now two and a half years later and it still haunts me knowing me or my fiance weren’t able to save him or comfort him in his last minutes of life. We weren’t able to say goodbye, giving us the closure we needed. I think about him most days. Some days I cry and some days I find peace in knowing he most likely passed from smoke inhalation before the flames got to him. I’ll forever remember our first baby bear Goober. To us, losing Goober was as equal to losing a family member. The house could be replaced, however Goober will never be replaced. There will never be a dog that can fill his paws for us. May he rest in peace with many treats, until we meet again.


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