Nursing Home Resident Pleads to Keep Beloved Pets Together

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It is never easy for any animal lover to give up his or her pets, but it is so much harder to see a heartbroken, loving elderly woman devastated because she has to surrender her beloved dogs and enter a nursing home where they are not welcomed.

This happened this past Thursday in Georgia. Harlem and Brooklyn are five-year-old bonded sisters, who had been accustomed to a spoiled life with their caring owner. Unfortunately this past week their owner had to give them up and move into a nursing home.

According to their previous owner, the sister dogs are housebroken, know how to sit, and are extremely well behaved.

Harlem and Brooklyn hope to find new loving home. Photo Credit: Dekalb County Animal Services
Harlem and Brooklyn hope to find new loving home. Photo Credit: Dekalb County Animal Services


The dogs were surrendered to Dekalb County Animal Services in Decatur, Ga., and the staff is doing what they can to get these two girls a new loving home.

On November 21, 2013, Dekalb County Animal Services posted the following message on their Facebook page:
“Their previous owner was heartbroken and said she had spent countless hours crying about having to give them up. We are hoping that they will go to a new home that will spoil them as much as their previous mommy did!”

Jacki McDonald, volunteer and foster parent for Friends of Dekalb Animals (FODA), an organization that rescues animals from Dekalb County Animal Services, is hoping someone will be interested in rescuing and saving Harlem and Brooklyn soon.

“Owner surrenders technically have no hold time since they know no one is looking for them,” said McDonald. “So if they get sick or fight over food because of the stress of being in a room with 200+ other dogs, they won’t be held.”

The adoption fee for each dog is just $95 and that includes vaccinations, heartworm test and de-worming. Harlem and Brooklyn are already spayed and microchipped. Dekalb County Animal Services says the girls are available for private adoption or to rescue through a registered organization. Out-of-state rescue or adoption is also a possibility, but those interested must come meet the girls in person, just to make sure they are a correct fit.

If interested in adopting these two girls together, please email [email protected]. You not only will be make the sister dogs a happy pair, but you will also mend the broken heart of their previous owner.

“Please come visit them at our shelter and we just know you’ll fall in love with both girls,” said Dekalb County Animal Services.



5 thoughts on “Nursing Home Resident Pleads to Keep Beloved Pets Together”

  1. Awww. Poor lady. It’s really too bad she doesn’t have a close relative that could or would help her. I really pray someone adopts them together soon.

  2. Someone on Facebook mentioned that a physician could declare the dogs service dogs. That would put the owner in a position where she could keep them, because the nursing home cannot refuse (Americans with Disabilities Act). I urge her to pursue this.

  3. It won’tatter if ADA or not in a NSG Home.
    Who would take care of dogs in the nursing home ?
    She is not able & they won’t . So sad

  4. I hate to say this but ADA isn’t meant to be abused so a woman can keep her pets. I’m sure this comment will get a lot of hate mail, but service dogs provide an extremely important job to those who need them. Its an unfortunate fact that our dogs die too young, but sometimes it’s the human who grows too old. The poor missus is on her end of life journey. Her beloved pets have to find homes with new people to cherish them. When I’m old, I hope my pets are seniors as well and leave me before I have to leave them

  5. Dogs cannot randomly be declared “service dogs”. This does a “dis service” to dogs that are true service dogs.
    Physicians do not certify dogs as service dogs or anything else.
    And nursing homes are not staffed to care for the humans that live there, much less dogs.
    Sadly, sometimes people with under age children become disabled and have to enter nursing homes. Somehow there is no clamor for their human children to remain with them, even though it would give them great comfort as well.


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