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New Bill Establishes Strict Welfare Standards for Pet Dealers


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Pet store puppies.

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale and Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, a new bill will close current loopholes in the federal Animal Welfare Act and impose strict regulations on New York’s pet dealers.

“As a strong advocate of animal protection, I think these changes will go a long way toward addressing some of the concerns that I have seen,” the assemblywoman said. “This bill will update New York’s law to ensure we maintain the most up to date standards of care presently available.”

Among the new regulations: a call for breed-specific exercise programs, required maintenance of veterinary records to demonstrate that all animals receive proper care, and a mandate to employ proper quarantine techniques as necessary.

ASPCA Northeastern Legislative Director Bill Ketzer applauded the new legislation. “The ASPCA believes requiring pet dealers to establish both exercise opportunities for dogs and a veterinary care program is a positive step toward improving the lives of thousands of dogs and raising awareness regarding some of the conditions we have found at commercial breeding premises in New York state.”

The bill will now be considered by the Senate Agriculture Committee: Paulin said she has every expectation that it will pass before the week is over.