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Trapped by Wildfire, Lucky Dog Spared by Good Samaritans


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LEHI, UT. — Two men rescued a stranded dog after it was caught up in a quickly spreading fire that threatened to take its life in a matter of minutes. AJ Cuevas and Jack Pinckney were across the street from a field that was engulfed in flames on Saturday afternoon when they heard officers say that a dog was trapped behind a fence.

“If I had to I was jumping over the fence to get that dog,” Cuevas said. But because of the intense heat emanating from the blaze, he and Pinckney could not approach the distressed canine. After a few minutes of coaxing it, the frightened dog neared the fence it was trapped behind, and together, the men pulled it through a barbed wire fence as flames spread closer.

“Once we got our hands on him, you can see right over here, we bent the barbed wire and just pulled him right though,” Pinckney said.

Injured and in shock, the dog slowly regained its wits after a few minutes of TLC.

“We kind of let the dog relax a little bit, sort of noticing some signs of shock,” Cuevas said. “The dog was shivering kind of breathing shallow.”