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Investigation Finds NY Pet Stores Supplied by Puppy Mills


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A recent NBC New York investigation has revealed that a number of pet stores throughout New York continue to purchase animals from puppy mills.

mill dogsHeld in cruel confinement for the sake of profit, mill dogs languish in conditions unfit for any sentient being, and a growing number of pet buyers are seeking out reputable breeders in order to avoid supporting mill breeding. And while many assume that chain pet stores are the worst offenders, the majority of the stores investigated by NBC were independent retailers.

To make matters worse, a recent HSUS investigation found that the majority of more than 100 New York pet stores were routinely buying stock from mill breeders.

In comparing shipping records to inspection reports from the U.S.D.A., it became clear that many stores were buying puppies from mills that had been cited for USDA violations.