NYC Strays Left to Fend for Themselves

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In a troubling development, New York’s Animal Care and Control reports that it will no longer take reports of lost pets, and staffers at shelters will no longer search the facilities for missing animals. Reduced services are being attributed to $1.5 million in budget cuts over the past two years.

The Department of Health oversees Animal Care and Control, and pointed out one exception: “Animal Care and Control will continue to perform searches for disabled people who cannot physically come to the shelters to search for their lost pets,” the department said in a statement. All other pet owners seeking lost animals will have to visit shelters in person, and will not be able to call with inquiries.

It is critical New York city pet owners properly tag, microchip and secure their animals – by law, an unclaimed animal can be adopted out or euthanized in as little as 48 hours from time of arrival at a shelter.

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7 thoughts on “NYC Strays Left to Fend for Themselves”

  1. That’s pretty sad. Just another little reminder why I would never live in New York City. Hey thanks for posting.

  2. That makes me ill. No one knows the heat break of losing a pet and for them not to contact the owners should be against the law. I think all shelters should be “No Kill!”. If they can’t find the owners or people to adopt them they should find Foster parents for the animals and there should be a farm that will take and care for the unadoptables. Every state, county and town should have a law that would charge a tax to cover this. People who own animals should be required to have them checked by a vet at least once a year and have a fenced in yard or have thier animals on leashes to take them for walks. People are heartless and them off in the middle of no where, on roads in the streets and I have even seen where someone threw puppies out the car window as they drove down the parkway killing them. There has to be better laws enforced for our helpless animals. People who leave thier animals in cars should be fined a huge amount and jailed if they do it again. Every shelter in the US should be required to try to find this animal’s owner by newspaper, online and tv.


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