Obie Kisses

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Dog lovers far and wide are rooting for Obie the obese dachshund as he is helped to become a slimmer, healthier boy. Here he wags his tail nonstop while giving kisses and getting love.

Obie is a 5 year old standard dachshund who is on a mission to lose about 40 pounds. His weight in August was 77lbs. His owners were no longer capable of caring for him and relinquished him. He is in a new home and on a weight loss program. His blood work is normal and he is otherwise healthy.


7 thoughts on “Obie Kisses”

  1. I’m rooting for you Obie you can do it, May God watch over you always, My prayers are with you always.

  2. Our vet recommended give our dachshunds green beans and less of their regular dog food. It worked like a charm. The green beans fill them up, yet they don’t get the calories.

    • I had the same experience, an elderly couple- one with dementia who would feed their yellow lab continuously and never exercise him. I adopted him 6 years ago @ 148 lbs. 9 months later, he was 80 lbs and happy! He’s a wonderful friend. All it takes is discipline. Obie can do it! JUst make regular visits to your vet to monitor his weight loss. I took him every 2 weeks for a weigh-in and occasional blood work. he is my vet’s poster child for weight loss.
      The green beans work, as well as carrots for snacks.

  3. One of my dog was overweight and had both knee surgery and needed to lose weight. I lessen his food and gave him broccoli as much as he wanted for his each meal twice a day. The vet told me even for treats give him frozen brocolli with a slight taste, like boil brocolli with somekind of no salt broth. My dog used to be 109 lbs and went down to 80lbs. And now his weight is 85lbs. He is keeping that diet and his weight for 2-3 years. Now he is a happy dog! Hope Obie will be able to lose the weight as well. good luck!


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