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Best Friends Seek New Forever Home


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william and henry

This week’s adoption feature focuses on a pair of pals from New England who are meant to stay together: let’s help them to do just that. Not in a position to adopt? Do the next best thing: share with those who are.


Listing details:

We are a super cool, handsome, & amazingly affectionate DOG-CAT pair! William is a 1 year-old tabby mackerel white & gray longhaired neutered male cat, & Henry is a 4 year-old chocolate & tan neutered male Chihuahua mix. We were brought to the ARL from another shelter that had too many animals.

Our names are William & Henry. Although cats & dogs often get along & coexist just fine in their homes, it’s uncommon to find a pair that is attached at the hip like us! We have been together since William was just a wee kitten, & we plan on staying together for the long haul. Luckily, our friends here at the shelter appreciate our strong bond & are very dedicated to helping us get adopted together!

  • We’d like to tell you a little bit more about ourselves:
  • We both love our human friends & are super snuggly!
  • William’s a LAP-CAT, & Henry’s a LAP-DOG!
  • As you know, we LOVE each other, & you can typically find us curled up in a little ball together!
  • We’re also both pretty playful with our human friends & each other!

To adopt, call:  Animal Rescue League of Boston – Headquarters at (617) 426-9170
Ask for information about animal ID number A222157