Officers Risk Safety to Save Stranded Dogs

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Healdton, Oklahoma Police Chief Zac Brown says two of his officers went well above and beyond the call of duty when they executed a risky late night rescue mission, saving more than a dozen shelter dogs from raging flood waters.

Healdton Police Officer Tim Woodruff and Sergeant Brian Walker were roused by a 3:00 a.m. phone call Monday night alerting them to the fact that several dogs held at the city pound were trapped in the flooding building after a downpour flooded Carter County. The officers grabbed a canoe and paddled to the shelter as quickly as they could.

When they arrived, they fought their way through chest high water that moving fast enough to sweep them off their feet. The two men struggled to find their way to the kennels and managed to free 14 dogs. Sadly, five had been lost.

Despite the praise of their superior, Woodruff and Walker say they were just doing their jobs. They say doing whatever they can to keep anyone from harm is just part of their duty, and they could not fathom the idea of the dogs suffering such a traumatic death.

“You don’t want dogs or anybody drowning in a death like that. So that was our only concern at the time was getting out here, and getting them to safety,” Woodruff said.

“They can’t do much when they are caged up. Unfortunately we can’t let them run free. You know we put them in the cage so it was our job to get them out,” Walker said.

7 thoughts on “Officers Risk Safety to Save Stranded Dogs”

  1. More cops should be like this. The world would be a better place. Thank god they got them out in time but I feel horrible for what the 5 dogs that didn’t make it had to go thru. R.I.P little furbabies.

  2. GREAT JOB! Wish more people thought lik you two.
    you deserve far more than a thank you – how about a promotion and performance bonus!!!

  3. You guys are awesome! Its so hard to find stories that make me feel good/happy these days.Thanks you made my day and alot of others! I totally agree you 2 deserve a promotion and or performance bonus. I hope all 14 find wonderful homes with loving families and may the 5 little ones RIP…love and peace to you and your families.

  4. THANK-YOU Officer Woodruff and Sergeant Walker for the kindness and compassion you both gave by saving as many of these four-legged friends as possible!!

    You both deserve public recognition and thanks!!! And though y’all said you were just doing your job, if that was the case where was the rest of the police force? I’m not trying to put down the other LE individuals, just pointing out that these two men DID go above and beyond the basics of their jobs!

    I wonder if e-mailing their Police Chief, Zac Brown might help them receive the recognition they so rightly deserve!? (more so than this article alone)

    You are HEROS, Officer Woodruff and Sergeant Walker!! Your town is lucky to have such great guys on their police force!!!!!

    • If you get a letter or something going and put the address up I will sign it. What a great thing those officers did.

  5. First Class paraphrase Alan Jackson..”Just doing what they do” they just shrug modestly, all in a days work…THANKYOU for your courage and compassion!!!


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