Survey: Michael Vick Most Disliked NFL Player

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Despite his widely publicized comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick remains the most despised NFL player according to a new poll from Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research.

On Monday Forbes said that Vick is the NFL’s most disliked player based on the results of new a poll. The results? 60 percent of respondents said they “dislike,” “dislike somewhat,” or dislike the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback “a lot.”

From Forbes:

Vick has clearly made some public reparations over the past two years with his strong play on the field and gentlemanly behavior off of it. But these things have a way of taking time.

Why the continued hostility toward Vick? Nielsen Sports VP Stephen Master chalks it up to the scientific sample that mirrors the entire U.S. population, not just hardcore football fans. Casual fans that know Vick’s name primarily through his dog fighting legal circus naturally tend to focus on the negative. Women, for example, view Vick negatively at a 70% clip, compared to 50% for men.

Michael Vick was charged with involvement in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring in 2007. In August of that year the NFL star plead guilty to federal felony charges and served 21 months in prison, followed by two months in home confinement. Returning to football shortly after his release, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback recently signed a substantial endorsement deal with Nike, who cited “the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.”

10 thoughts on “Survey: Michael Vick Most Disliked NFL Player”

  1. Personally, I’m glad that over half of the individuals surveyed responded that way. It shows that we’re finally pulling away from that “It’s just a -insert animal here-” mentality as a nation. Unfortunately, that message hasn’t gotten through to Vick, the Eagles, or Nike. What he did was disgusting and incorrigible, and he does not deserve to be liked, forgiven, redeemed, or employed in such a highly regarded field.

    Children grow up wanting to be sports stars (among other things). This just helps show that if you’re a really good one, you too can grow up and get away with any sort of depravity, because you’re rich and a talented athlete.

    • I went to school at Va Tech with Michale Vick. He always though he was above everyone else. My brother played on the football team and said Michael was a one-man show….definitely not a team player. So Michael is what they call a “player” he plays everyone to get what he wants….and he still is playing…

      • I have always wondered how Va. tech dealt with this narcissistic, barely literate cretin; calling himself a graduate. He strung dogs up and dragged out their suffering. I personally think he is both repugnant to look at, and or listen to. He spouts the word “God” on his redemption tour. if he truly believes there is a God, he best be very, very afraid.
        After losing six games on their” road to the superbowl”, one must just snicker at Vick’s arrogance and incompetence on and off the field.
        The NFL and the eagles in particular, should be ashamed that this creature from hell was given millions of dollars in salary and endorsements.

  2. I’m glad to hear this. From listening to the NFL sports announcers I was beginning to think that all had been forgotten and forgiven. He’s morally repulsive and I hope karma gets him back tenfold!

  3. Vick’s crimes came from a cruel, evil, depraved mind. No one goes from that level to a good human being quickly, if at all. Time will tell if the man has seen the errors of his ways (which I doubt), but in the meantime, he deserves NO glory for anything.

  4. I’m all for second chances and salvation, in most cases. This is one of those exceptions. I don’t think he should even be out of jail, let alone back in the spotlight playing football. Why are places like “Best Friends Animal Society,” which took in more 20 of Vick’s dogs, hurting for donations? How much does he make? If he was sorry at all or cared at all, why doesn’t he give more to the very places that are trying to rehabilitate the animals he damaged so deeply? I’m sorry, Michael Dick, but your insincerity is still showing.

  5. Unfortunately, that message hasn’t gotten through to Vick, the Eagles, or Nike.

    Or Subway and also Fuse sports drinks.

    We never buy anything Nike, Subway, Fuse anymore.

    I can’t believe Vick is even allowed to play sports and earn a fortune. What is wrong with people. They need to call and email Eagles, Nike, Subway, Fuse as much as possible. To get our voice heard. Animal abusers do not have the right to make a fortune. Tell Vick to go get a real job like the rest of us.

    He should not be allowed to have a Sports Star job that pays multi millions a year.

  6. Vick is everything wrong with the sports world. He should have had to pay a big portion of his earnings to animal shelters. Why is it that if John Doe gets caught then he has to pay but the Vicks of the world do not? I hope that people will wise up and not pay this evil person any more money and that he fades into nothing.

  7. I am so sick of being told “he served his time, so get over it”. No I will not, just because he got a slap on the wrist does not mean all is well, he tortured and killed dozens of animals, the only way it will even be remotely ok is for him to suffer the same fate. Then I read that his kids ask him why can’t they have a dog, and he says he wishes he can soon so they can have one. Well Vick, how about explaining to them that it is YOUR fault they can’t have a furbaby? How you tortured and killed them? You had the balls to do it, so have the balls to tell your kids what you did you sick S.O.B.


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