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Oklahoma Shelter Dogs Sent to Wisconsin and Texas to Make Room for “Tornado Dogs”


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Oklahoma Dogs ready for transport to WI and TX1
OK dogs ready for transport to TX and WI

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — While we have watched as tearful humans in Oklahoma are connected with the pets torn from their homes by the recent FE5 tornado there were other dogs at risk of not finding homes at all. Over 100 lost pets are being housed in area shelters but someone has to get moved to make space for these “tornado dogs”. The dogs already in Oklahoma shelters have been waiting to get adopted and find forever homes. But thanks to animal lovers in Wisconsin and Texas these dogs are getting a second chance to find homes.

25 dogs of various breeds and sizes have been transferred from the Central Oklahoma Humane Society (COHS) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to the Bay Area Humane Society (BAHS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, SPCA of Texas in Dallas and McKinney, Texas and the Humane Society of Flower Mound in Flower Mound, Texas to make room for pets displaced by the tornado. The only dogs sent to Wisconsin and Texas were dogs already in the Green Bay shelter waiting to be adopted. This move will give these dogs a much better chance of finding new homes.

The dogs included collies, terriers, retrievers and other breeds, both puppies and grown dogs. COHS transferred the dogs to Green Bay to make room for animals left homeless by the tornadoes, including the deadly twister that hit Moore, Okla.

The collies, retrievers, terriers and other dogs arrived Thursday at the BAHS in Green Bay, where they will be available for adoption. BAHS is moving as quickly as possible to make the dogs available for adoption. Some of the dogs are already going to their new Wisconsin homes.

This transfer is a continuation of an ongoing relationship between BAHS and COHS. The Oklahoma society has successfully moved dogs from Oklahoma to Wisconsin before. The Wisconsin shelter was one of the first to offer help to their Oklahoma counterpart.

The all volunteer “Puppy Express” delivered the dogs in an overnight transport run. Green Bay Shelter volunteers and staff members welcomed the canines with open arms. All of the Oklahoma dogs will find homes and new lives in Wisconsin and Texas.

All of the dogs will get their vaccinations, a checkup and neutering or spaying before moving into the adoption phase of their journeys. Adoption fees will probably run between $200 and $300 per pet.