Once Tortured Dog Inspires Charity Foundation

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6.26.13 - Hope the Charity Dog1 It is always heart-wrenching to bring you stories about abused dogs, but it must be done to enlighten the world to the fact that animals do have feelings and deserve to have loving, comfortable lives, as well as to find the abusers and seek justice for their victims. Today we are happy to give you another update on one such victim.

We first brought you the story (and updates) of Hope last summer, when she was discovered in Fort Worth, Texas with her muzzle taped shut, her badly-swollen tongue protruding. The pug mix was dehydrated and had been repeatedly stabbed.

After a year of surgeries and therapy, Hope is a safe and loved family member. She was adopted by Charlie and Kit Moncrief soon after her ordeal.


She’s, uh, sweet,” Kit said as Hope licked her face. “She loves everybody and everything.”

The Moncriefs are one of Fort Worth’s original oil and gas families, and philanthropy has always been a priority, especially when it comes to animal welfare.

My father, Harry Tennison, was president of the zoo,” Kit explained.

6.26.13 - Hope the Charity Dog2After adopting the abused dog that was found on her pasture, Kit was inspired to help create the Saving Hope Foundation. They will be hosting their first big adoption event this Saturday at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. It will run from 8 am until noon.

She doesn’t know it, but she’s excited about it,” Kit said of her little dog. “We’re going to give free vaccinations for the first 100 dogs.”

After that, shots will cost only $10. The foundation will also be unveiling a surgery bus called the Hope Mobile, which will be offering free spaying and neutering in neighborhoods that need the program the most.

We’re filling the gaps the city and Humane Society can’t,” Kit said.

Hope’s torturer has still not been identified, but Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler remains committed to the case. A $35,000 fund is still in place for tips leading to arrests and convictions.

Anyone with information should contact the Parker County Sheriff Department.